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Car has 245.000 miles and nearly stalls when put into any gear. Replaced plugs, cap&rotor, tested coil, fuel pumps also. On very fixed income, what next ?
My car is stuck in overdrive. How do I get it out? I pressed the OD botton NUMEROUS times but it does not do anything! It stays in OD!
where is the crankshaft position sensor located at
i disconnected my battery and when i replaced it my radio screen asked me to enter code i hit random numbers and it said please wait i waited nothing happened so i tried disconnecting the battery again and it still s...
All the funtions on the dashboard went out along with the windows, locks, air conditioning, turn singles, etc would not work. Took it to a Chrysler dealership and they told me the BCM module was not functioning and n...
as of late I have been having a transmission issue. when I first start my car I can shift the car into Reverse and on occasion I will put it into drive and it will stall in neutral, it even cralws backwards (when uphi...
I need pictures of the back of my 1988 Toyota Camry, 4 cyl. I have coolant leaking out as I excellerate....HELP!!!
I purchased this truck brand new, have had every recommend service done on this truck, could you possibly give out some ideas as to what the problem could be? The dealership will diagnosis for 125.00, currently unempl...
Where is the starter located please?
it starts at about 30 miles an hr, its a faint squeling, and then when i slow down it sounds as if it winding down im curious as to what u think it might b
3 things: My check engine light is on. I failed my emissions test. My 2005 HCH stutters when I press the gas after putting it in drive or reverse. (btw, my car has 90,000 miles.) I took it to my local Auto Zone to se...
My car runs great but the "Service Engine Soon" warnig light just came on. I'm wondering if any other Saturn Vue owners have had this problem and what they found out was the cause. Thanks for your help.
my truck won't turn on the first time all the'll spin,but won't crank..turn the key back,turn the ignition..truck starts..why is that?
I have a Kia sportage that Ive had the head gasket,fuel pump,new coil pack,wires,spark plugs and it still wont start