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I recently filled up with gas, after almost running out, and the next day my check engine light came on. The car is idleing extremely rough, but runs well once the accelerator is hit. The computer diagnosis says that ...
Hi, My left front tire has been making noise when making most turns to the left. I had my speed sensor replaced on the right front and thought that now the left front was bad too. However, I was told it's the steeri...
I have a 1980 camaro with a283 engine my tranny was a 350 and it went bad I would like to know if a 200r4 would fine in it
My brakes always squeak, even though they have been replaced several times!! What could be the reason for this??
I HAVE REPLACED THIS GASKET WITH AN OEM PART 443955465 (THAT LOOKS SMALLER) AND STILL LEAKS AROUND THE GASKET Help!!! even tried permatex sealant on both motorside of seal and tank side any sugestions? my local vw...
When I am traveling at speeds over 50mph and I then apply the brakes the steering wheel seems to shake and my steering seems to waver. WHY?
My jimmys bell housing does not look like the one pictured in all data and i'm trying to bleed the slave cylinder but see no port near where the hydraulic line goes in. Am i looking at the spedometer cable?
how much will the dealer charge me to fix front right wheel bearings on a 2003 Hummer H2?
Can the shift linkage break off from bracket?
How much will the dealer charge me to fix the front right wheel bearings on a 2003 Hummer H2?
On average how often (how many miles) do I need to check/replace my front and back brake pads?? In particular the back brakes. I feel like mine are wearing down way too fast.
came back from 10 day vacation. Car wont start. It makes a clicking noise tried to jump it it wont start.
need to know where fuse box is located. and how many. brake lights stay on, have to disconnect battery when car is turn off. replaced switch, but same problem
RF window will not go up,regulator good?
drivers side window won't go up