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Heater not working-blows but cold air AC works fine. Dealer told me it needs MID case and REC case. What are those items? Any Help
How to repair a twisted seat on these cars.
The computer is at it's end needs to be reset.
I had the elect checked it stated running rich
What do professionnals do when they need to remove a certain item from under the hood to replace it, which is held down by very large and long screws, and one of those screws' head is, well, completely screwed? If th...
The power windows are starting to make noise when going up or down -maybe some oil need it?
yesterday had the oil changed the oil service life gauge still says oil life at 50%. should the gauge autoreset or do i have to reset it bought the car used and dont have the manual
I have a loud sound underneath my car which sounds like a loud road noise from the tires, but I just purchased new tires less than 6 months ago. I looked underneath and it sound like it was coming from the transmissio...
how do you take off the driver side axle
I have a 1991 Town Car with electronic seats. I never move the buttons, as I am the only one who drives it. I got in it tonight and all of a sudden my seat went forward on its own. I just barely got out before it went...
How do I replace the light sensor. It looks like it comes out from under the dash.
Engine almost always dies when you take your foot of accelerator. Have to work accelerator and brake to keep from dying.
my brakes lights are out and my traction lights won't go out
I'm having 30 second timer issues. The cargo ceiling light works correctly. Off, door open on, and on. But the main cabin light is supposed to have a 30 second timer and varies modes. What I get are constant on, sti...
I have changed the fuse & the bulbs are good. Were is the module located or were else do I look?