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4.0 liter, 6cyl. 24 valve, DOHC. Any idea what I can expect to pay for a valve job. Cylinder #5 has low compression and misfires.
what to do to eliminate leaking.
In your "What to watch out for" section you state, "On vehicles 1996 and newer, using an inexpensive "universal" oxygen sensor will cause problems with the emissions system and is highly discouraged." How can I mak...
Trunk will not open
where is the heater control valve on a 1998 f 150
i need to know where my tensioner pully on the side that controls my alt. idler. and powere steering side.
Had sensors replaced (engine, VSC) less than a year ago, to the tune of $1100.00. Recently, engine, and rear light sensors have come on. Engine running fine, no lights out in the rear, signals working. Is this a r...
autozone checked the truck and found thatthe radiator fan relay circuit condition p1491 in the fuse box I can not locate the radiator nor the fan relay listed please help
How do you remove the radiator bypass hose?
Where is my oil drain located.
My brake check light is on and won't go off. When I turn the key I also hear a single click and then second click a second later when the Check engine & D4 lights simultaneously turn off. I cannot remember if the D4 l...
Headlights will not work. Fuse is fine. Told by repair shop that I need new wiring harness and multifunction switch. Smelled some burning smell driving the other day. Had new steering column installed a month ago....
The headgaskets/valve cover gaskets were changed along with a minor valve adjustment in Feb of this year. After that, the oil pressure warning light was blinking on/off and it needed 2 qts of oil. I added the oil and ...
I bought a new fuel filter and I'm going to try to replace it tomorrow. Any Helpful hints?