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02 sensor 1 & 2 bad how do you know where 1 & 2 are located
The other day, I came to a stoplight and the brakes made a horrible noise like the ABS was kicking on. I was barely moving when the noise happened. Later, the ABS light came on which means that the ABS is off accordin...
to iroqnroll: I just wanted to thank you for your prompt response and to let you know it worked like a charm. What a great site this is...thanks again. Regards,
where do i add power steering fluid?
I need a new power steering pressure hose for this car.what is the cost for this repair?
when stepping on the brakes they depress to the floor and the light is on and it sounds like a harmonica is playing in the car can anyone help please
i replaced my water pump all hoses and thermostat sucessfully having great heat and a great running car for one day but the bottom hose that my assitant put on to the lower engine side failed. after having it towed i ...
where is the pcm located on a cadillac SlS have no power to the starter or panel cluster
I've had no problems with this pickup starting until now. But, on more than one occasion I've had to pull the gear shift towards me while turning the key (automatic trans, in park). What might be going on here? Thanks.
When i turn my heat on it just blows cold air out?/
in my car i have everything working the only thing is the air is not comming out of the vent?
Found o ring at back of block, passenger side, fuel line deteriorated and wanting to know should I replace all glow plugs and injectors while I'm in the shop? 110,000 miles. About how much $ should I look to shell out?
Can these be re programed?
I have a chevy cobalt that wont start with the key. It seams as though the battery is dead but i cant change the gear in the car. Any suggestions. i need to move the car in order to jump it with another vehicle.
engine turns over but won't start. Fuel pump is working. It died while driving then would not restart. Has no catalytic converter.