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After 21,664 miles on our Yokohama tires, (second set!), our dealer now tells us we need new back tires. They have 3/32's left. We can get a discount from Yokohama, but isn't this a short time needing replacement? I...
what does it mean when you get a fault code p0128 from your obdII
engine check light came on and when i put the obd II the code came back p0128
where is the shift control solenoid loctaed at on the transmission
The car won't start. I put the key into the car, I get the dinging noise, lights are on in the vehicle when I open the door. I go to start the car, and nothing turns on, clock is reset, radio station presets are gone,...
I replaced the fuse and low beam headlight and it still doesn't work
I have a 97 Avalon that blew the radiator. Had a new radiator and thermostat, and had it flushed. It run fine in town for many minutes, burt once it hits the highway it overheats. They have checked the internal parts ...
I noticed that the carpet in the passanger driver side and the back is wet. Someone told me it could be the heater core. What is the problem?
I have replaced the thermostat, and the blower motor. I have flushed the heater and I checked the heater control valve, and the inlet and outlet hoses get hot, but still no heat. What else can i do?
i tend to have suspension problems with right front passanger whenthe weather gets cold!
heat is not work when i stop and start work when i driving what would cause that
the fan that heats up my car won't shut off at all. i turned the car off and it still runs, and i tuned the knob off and it still runs. what causes this and how do i fix it?
How many hours does it take to replace a oil pan gasket?
I took my car out this morning(0 degrees) and it started running rough and very loud. This happened once before and I took it to the dealer and I'm pretty sure all they did was add anti-freeze. Is this possible?
how can I tell for sure it is the combination switch? I have to disconnect the fuses either inside or out or the battery..then..I can not drive it at night or I do not have any tail lights??