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The passenger side locks only works with the key. It no longer works with the electric. Is this an easy fix.
How to replace fuel filer. Do I need a special tool to remove the old one?
How to replace fuel door
When I turn on either the leftside or right side blinkers, it works for one or two blinks and then stops. What could be the cause. Is it easy to self-fix?
maintance light is on what to do
have checked and replaced starter twice[actually 1 starter,took it back to the store and they tested it to be ok] so i put it on twice. turn the key and click. battery new, bendix does not even engage. nothing. what e...
I was driving my car with no problems noticed. When i stopped at a stop sign and began to take off again, my car would'nt move. The shifter worked normal and there where no strange noises but it just wont go--could t...
my blower is only working on high, and the heater will not blow continuous heat... when turned down for a few seconds then turned back up it will blow nice and hot air for a few seconds and then back to warm... what c...
i just replaced my trans filter but sometimes when i drive the car it jumps out and in the gears for about 10 minutes then it stops and drives normal. could there be an electric sensor on my tranny that can be replacd...
how do i replace a ignition switch on a 1997 cavalier
should the vehicle be at operating temp. to test the anti-freeze or cold when testing?
keyless remote doesnt work, tried reprograming and changed batteries, still does not work. when I was reprograming I could hear the locks working. what else could it be? and is it something easy to fix?
the heater/blower fan makes an awful noise when on higher fan settings. Can run on low but not so effective. can the heater/blower fan be repaired rather than replaced?