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placing car in neutral it will restart may not happen again for days
Car has trouble accelerating on hills and started having jerking motions and unable to accelerate on the interstate. Was able to get close to home at slower speeds (<45mph)and took it to a local shop and they said tha...
after the battery got disconnected, the radio shows "CODE". I pressed a few buttons and now it says "WAIT" and I can't get rid of the word "WAIT". I tried pressing AM, FM, TAPE, etc. but I can't get rid of "WAIT". I s...
I have a 2001 hyundai santa fe 5spd.I need to top off the transmission.But I cant locate were to fill it.I know you have to go under the car but I cant locate were to fill it.
were and how do i change the transmission fluid on my car please help
My security alarm has gone nuts. It goes off in cold. How do I disconnect it?
is it hard to change the metal coolant pipe that goes from behind the water pump to the thermostat
I've lost the key that opens the hatch on my Rodeo, looking for either a replacement key or what options I have to lock the hatch
What can I expect to pay to have the crankshaft damper pulley replaced?
need location of ABS sensors on rear axle
Help... I just found out my Daughter's car has no brake lights. The cruise control apparently is on the same circuit and it works but it will not shut off on the steering wheel switch. Could it still be the brake peda...
Power on PCM battery fuse good but no power on PCM ignition, ignition o body, or ignition relay. Also no power over the SIR, accessary, antennae.
I just purchased the 2006 rx 330. at what mileage does the timing belt need to be changed ? Thanks !
The car started maintaining about 1500 rpms without pushing on the accelerator. I replace the IACV and MAF. No change. The car will idle properly, then while driving in city it will maintain a speed of 35 without p...
I have Acura TL 3.2 1999. All 3 doors can lock and unlock from remote and from inside but not front passenger door. This front passenger door, however, can lock and unlock manually with key. I also noticed that when I...