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When do the spark plugs need to be changed on my 07 Commander with 39,000 miles?
It's an odd question because I've never ever heard about that before, but does a Jetta have a blinker fluid reservoir somewhere? (Jetta 02 2.0L GLS, E.C. AZG)
we have to jump it to drive after a couple of days
i do not have heat now its been a few weeks but i dont understand why i dont have heat ive turned the controlls to high heat still nothing all it does it blows mild cold air.
the car cranks up and runs fine but after you start driving and come to a complete stop it will not recrank like the battery is bad
when i first got the car the cad converter was stopped up an i didnt know it. now it smokes when i give it gas or when it idles down but other than that it runs perfect jus the oil that it burns. people told me that i...
Anyone know where this is located on this vehicle? and the year might be off plus or minus 1 year,,, the daytime running light module!
Truck has taken two cans of brake fluid in the last year, no leaks, dry around the wheels, any thoughts on where it is going?
Less than a month ago, my heater stopped blowing out heat. The blower works. My coolant was a little low, but nothing serious. Also, just today, my check engine light went on.
what do you need to do to replace the water pump?
I did the gable to the starter it turns but at a slow rate not strong enough to start.
What labor rate are you using?
Can you tell me what a fair price to have the transponder replaced at the dealership? I feel like I'm being 'raped' by them.
I purchased 2004 F150 Heritage and have the po 174 code. It says system too lean bank 2. I don't know what that means and would like to get some advice as to what to be checking so troubleshoot the right areas first.