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how to remove blower motor. Everything in the way
I am replacing the R&P in my Escort, do I need to drop the drivers side "A" frame and cross member to be able to do this or is there an easyer way to do this?
after being on empty I fuel my car. It runs for a short while. After I turn it off then want it to run again it stutters. I have to let it sit for a long while before it turns on with out it turning off
The driver side door will not close completely because the door lock is stuck in the down position. The power lock switches on both doors function but will not "unlock" driver door?
engine cooling fan constantly running, changed ect sensor, changed thermostat, changed relay sensors, still not fixing the fan running can you help????
Have a 94 olds achieva and the back driver's side turn signal won't work. Think the plug is bad. Light works some but won't stay connected good.
I had to put some stop leak in the radiator and suddenly the heater starting blowing only cold air. What might it be?
I need a diagram to show what I have to take out to get to the timing chain. I need all the help I can get.
Truck won't start or even turn over.Red light flashing on dash.Battery has never been changed and has been cranking a little slower lately but it is not dead and nconnections are good.Any help would be greatly appreci...
When I 'm going through the menue to check the oil level electronically I'm getting the message: Wait For 3- seconds and then the Menu jumps back where it was before. What is the short red dip stick for under the ho...
Hi, I have a Subaru Impreza (L) 1993 and about two days ago i started seeing the check engine light flash momentarily in the dashboard and then it would go away. And in the evening of that day while dropping off my fr...
I blead the break system and still the breaks is spongy and needs to be pumped to work. There is no evendence of any break fluid anywhere, could there be a leak somewhere without evedence of fluid?
where is the thermostat located and is it easy to replace
How to change the head lights
I am having a problem with my car not starting when the weather is rainy. It sometimes comes up with "nobu5" on the odometer. Starts great any other time, just not in the rain. Can you help?