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left front windiw &rightt window dont work fuses all ok sun roof & left froht power seat not working
is there a heater control fuse on my 97 explorer 4.0 heater was working fine then all at once no heat just cool air.
is the blend door the one that i see opening and closing behind the glove box when i switch from air to heat? my radiator hoses arehot ,my heater core hoses are hot, put in two thermostats 5.00 ones still not getting ...
Infrequently, when coming out of say, a left turn and while accelerating, turning the steerning wheel becomes resistant or sluggish (and I do mean "very") defying attempts to reverse the direction of the turn, requiri...
I just bought this Accord. It's got 138k on it, and it was driven by this nice Japanese guy I work with for 2 years. The only maintenance he did on it was change the oil; I want to ensure that this thing will keep run...
my chevy venture do not start, I just hear a click, but if i use jump cables starts inmediatally and on the little screen appears a SECURITY word. i run the car for almost 20 minutes and when i turned off, it not star...
My 94 gs300 rides smoothly, but after pressing the brakes firmly, the front end wobbles, at various speeds, but only for a short time. The wobbling is now happening more frequently. What could be the problem?
I was reading from this site and I noticed someone mention a scanner to detect problems with the suspension as well as ride control; where do you go for that and/or where can I get one? What does it even look like?
We have a used 2002 Quest with approx. 93000 miles on it, when is it time to replace timing belt or does it have a timing chain? And when should it have a tune up, new spark plugs, anything else?
My air pump hose cracked and broke into pieces. I have tried heater hose and it almost caught fire. What kind of hose should I try?
One morning when I went to start my car the dashboard and headlights just didn't work. And my auto locks stopped working as well. I found a fuse under the hood for just these issues but I replaced it and they still do...
Why does my car start fine, but won't go into gear.
the car has rough vital,engine noise like a rumbling and lack of power what can i do to fix it?
what do i have to do to check what the problem is???
Heater not working-blows but cold air AC works fine. Dealer told me it needs MID case and REC case. What are those items? Any Help