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I just bought a 1998 318i and whenever I take off or break really hard, I can hear what sounds like the gas in the gas tank shifting. It drives me nuts! Why does it do this? Does anyone else have this problem?
When I'm driving our car the anti-theft light comes on and the car shuts off.Everything works but the car won't crank over.I disconnect the battery and after a few tries the car wil start.
I started my car and started to go forward and it made a nasty noise and now will not go into any gear. The shifter has no problem moving into the gears but when i push the accelerator it does nothing but rev the engi...
Seat Heater will cut of after 5-10 seconds. What should I check. Thanks!
my 2004 toyota solara, after I started the engine, the rpm is 800. when I step on the gas paddle, the rpm will not go higher than 1000, and the car could barely move. also the check engine light is on. could anyone help?
I replaced my battery and now my radio in locked. I bought the car second hand and don't have the original manual or codes pls help me i need code
When I start the truck the oil pressure gauge is a little high, but then goes down; but each time I start to drive and give it gas the gauge rises each time I push the gas..What could be wrong?
My wife's Blazer will not shift into 4 wheel high or 4 wheel low. Both indicator lights just flash together.
What is the 3" link between the throttle cable and throttle body on a 3.5L "high output" Chrysler engine called? What is the correct part name?
when i started my car the engine started knocking, now my car won't even start. what can cause this??
When braking, left front wheel makes a rotational scraping sound. Shop that installed brakes said backing plate is touching rotor. Can this be easily adjusted?
Why does it blink and not work
Does the 1992 Camry have a timing belt or a timing chain?
Im trying to locate and clean my idle air control valve because I keep stalling on cold starts, and have to keep my foot on the gas until it warms up. So where would I find the IAC valve?
can you reset the computer for my car or do i have to buy a new computer for it? It's in the shop and they are saying that i need to buy a new one but if there is a cheaper way like reseting it than i would much rathe...