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How? Where do you buy the tool ?
Heater works on low setting only, if I put it on medium or high, it blows hot air for a few minutes then goes cold. Fluids are full
replaced pads. how do it get the idiot message to go away ?
car is in great condition...need to have all brake lines replaced..any idea on ballpark cost estimate? it worth it? Thanks
Drive Train: POWER TRAIN:MANUAL TRANSMISSION Service Bulletin Number: 508157 NHTSA Number: 10022793 Model Years Affected: 2007 Date of Bulletin: 09/2007 Bulletin Summary: MANUAL TRANSMISSION SHIFT LINKAGE ADJUST...
my hazard lights come on while I'm driving and won't turn off
I was driving down the road and the car just shut off so I put it in park and started it back up and when I got ready to pull off again it shut off and hasn't started up since. My mechanic discounted the spark plug an...
I'm looking for ideas on what might have caused a rocker arm to break! Dealership replaced arm & camshaft (under warranty), but doesn't have a reasonable idea of what might have caused the problem.
I have not been able to find the Camshaft Position on my 1995 Ford for Aerostar 6C- 4L with Electronic 4WD. They sold me a new 1 at the autoparts store, but I am begining to wonder if they is one on that van? I bough...
I bought an infiniti 1998 I30 but the remote was not with the car.Then I bougth it from online & its a real one.But it is not working.Can yuo give me the solution ?
how do i clean the egr valve?
You recommend replacing the A/C Drier when the A/C Compressor is replaced, but I did not see it listed as a part to select for a repair estimate. You give a repair estimate for the 21208 area of $503-$1026 for the c...
On my 1998 Avalon, the inside door lights, overhead lights, trunk light, trunk opener, and clock all stopped working at the same time. All else works fine. Is this a fuse problem and what fuse would it be?
timing specs
I have a cigar stuck in between the area of my front windshield and front defrost vent. there is a drop off or sort of lip between the 2 where it has fallen into. I cant feel it at all. I just want to get it out befor...