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I'm leaking fluid from the front of the car not under the transmission???? is there a transmission pump on the side?
After replacing the front drive axles, front wheel bearing packs, rotors and new pads, my ABS light keeps coming on and the warning message: Traction System needs servicing. After turning the motor off for a while and...
Last week the security alarm started going off for no reason. It only does it when weather is cold. How do I disconnect it?
Cannot find the ABS sensor to replace with a new one. Directions on where to locate and/or diagram please.
Starts but when I push on the brake it won't shift into gear.
went into the mountains today and my all time four wheel drive failed to work . tried to shift into low range and that lowered the speed but still just rear wheel drive. could it be a relay? or fuse ?
I bought this 2002 DHS new. It is now 7 years old but only has 46000 miles. I took it to the dealer for a 30000 mile checkup and had the oil changed routinely. I told them about a gluid leak when backing out of the ga...
Where an I find a repair schematic; smll, Toyota-sized FRONT HUB?
I need the wiring diagrams that show how to hook up the wires undre the seat, I dropped my gas tank and the wiring harness wires came out of the connection, And they don't match up with color codes together. I need ...
My 95 Legend's engine is loud. Sounds like the gas is being pushed when im not applying the gas.
I replaced alt 5 weeks ago. About 5 days ago the battery light came on. I noticed that if I rev car up to 4-5k rpm the light goes out. I replaced alt again and light went out, but after 10 miles or so the light came b...
Car starts then turns off after a few seconds
all is new the fule system the ECM the MAF sensor , crank sensor , cam sensor IGN module IGN coil dist cap dist rotor the fuel injection spider with new injecters. TDC is confirmed the balancer lines up in the V a...
How do you change the camshaft timing lamp on a 2004 3.5l V6 in an intrepid?