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Where is the transmission fluid filler tube? I'm pretty sure I see it, but it's not not referenced in the owner's manual so I just want to make sure. Thx-
Can you tell me if this model has a timming chain or belt. If it's belt when you must change it. Thank you.
how do you remove power steering pump
The trunk lid stop light bar no longer operates when the other brake light come on. I did not see a specific fuse for the trunk light bar. How do I troubleshot the problem? How do I remove the trunk lid liner?
so i started my car and after about 5 minutes a warning light came on looked like a type of valve i think maybe check engine light. anyways after a red light i accelerated my car and it wouldn't shift at 2500 rpm it w...
The rough idle started a few months ago and has progressivly gotten worse. It does not matter cold/hot, wet/dry weather. As soon as the engine warms up, it stops. Ocassionaly when it is put into gear it will stop (not...
Had this vehicle since new...gas mileage degraded from 24-26 mpg to 18-20 mpg (20%!!!)over last year. The 24-26 mpg has been the gold standard for 8+ years on this vehicle (for me). Recently took a trip and hwy mile...
I HAVE A 1997 AND A 2000 DODGE RAM PICKUP And on both trucks the heaters will not blow hot air i have check the water flow and its good and i have replace the thermoast and now iam at the point i just cant figure it o...
Where is the Idle Air control Valve Located and how do I replace it on my vehicle
The blower will not turn on right away in the cold will start to turn on as the engine warms about 5 min.
How long can you drive a Honda Civic 1998 with a bad sensor? I know you should get it repaired as soon as possible but how long can you drive it before it causes anymore damage?
4.6 noth star i change the plugs and wires crank sensors fuel filter code PO300 mutiple mis fire what else could this be
When I step on the brake pedal for light or heavy breaking the trasmission temperature gauge will show full deflection for a second or two and then return to normal indication. This happens intermittently maybe 10 tim...
the heat isnt working right, we changed the thurmastat and still all we get is just very little heat. what else could it be
The trunk latch lever does not work. What does it cost to replace or repair the trunk latch cable?