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What is the problem when it sounds like the tires or axle or vibrating and shaking while driving?
I have checked all of my fuses under the hood and under the drivers side dashboard they are all ok. Looking at my manual, I have removed my glove compartment and located my A/C filter ( I will change that ) it looks ...
the lower fogs lights,driver side heated seat button,and the gear shift doesnt light up
my car wont start it let me go eveywhere i need to go when i stop it it doesnt want to start let it sit start it again it goes then doesnt want to start again
I own a Jimmy and it is always slipping into overdrive (revs up to 3 on gage ) then it quits and drives normal- it does this alot , what is the issue - is it a speed or overdrive sensor - also gas gage was working fi...
At first I had no right side signal lights. I then check fuses, bulbs,etc all good. I then replaced the signal light switch and still no right side response. Later the left side signals went down, later the emergency ...
my deville starts but it turns right off after a few minutes
where do i find the voltage regulator?
i just got a new battery 2 weeks ago and just 3 days ago which was Monday Dec. 28,2009 i came outside to start up the car and i heard 3 clicks and then it started up and when i park the car and turned it off the next ...
i need estimation for replacing a front bumper for 1997 S320
What does it mean when my check engine light blinks off and on. Also the car seems to be slow picking up power.
it wont crank but will push start battery is good starter is good light come on dash..its a 5 speed.....maybe is it something with the clutch?
It happened once before, but I don't recall what the Quality Chevrolet said caused it. the heater works on high setting, but not on any of the lower blowing settings.
when i turn my heater on it blows warm air for 5 seconds and then blows cold air. How can i fix it
We are smelling a foul odor like something died! It is coming from the air vents and has been there for a while. I have heard rats can find their way into the air duct and die there. How do I check the air duct? D...