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The van starts, however, none of the radio, heating controls, windows, wipers or milelage/directional controls light or work. Why?
2004-05 ford explorer stuck in 4x4 low... when I put in neutral and press button to put into 4x4 auto...the light to 4x4 low flashes repeatedly...the explorer stays in 4x4 wheel low... can anyone help me?
my over heated now it wont start do to power drainage, the engine turns over but will not start.will the blown head gaskit cause this problem?
I have been told that the entire headlamp assembly must be replaced and that both sides would have to be done at a cost of approx. $1200.00 $600.00 each, why can't just the bulbs be replaced on the Llincoln MarkVIII? ...
Failed emissions test. According to tech was due to communication failure and suggested that I take it to the dealer. Suggested that a faulty fuse might be the issue? Can I determine if it is a bad fuse and replace...
Hi Folks the car is locked in park and I can't get it out of park. I am assuming it is solenoid but how hard is to remove and replace? do have a idea of cost. thank you I appreciate the help Bill
My engine squeaks near the top. The belt is new and in good shap. The water pump in new as well. Could it be the cam?
Is there a drawing of replacing the timing belt and do I have to re-time after installation?
Gas gauge for my car is running backwards
I have a automatic w/od 4wheel drive. when starting out it does not shift unless i let off the gas a few seconds then it shifts same way during all shifts. changed fluid but not doing much better. can you help?
How To fix the two problems below please: -Brake light switch failure can cause the ESP and BAS warnings to illuminate. -The SRS (airbag) light may illuminate if liquid is spilled into the seat belt buckles or pools...
the steering wheel went all the way to the left & wont turn to the right at all i cant see any fluid leakage or loss from the resivor whats wrong?
what is the firing order and what cylender is no. 1
how do you remove the torsion bar from a 1991 chevy s 10 blazer 4x4
Oil changed and all fluids checked, but still experiencing squeeking when steering? Not sure what the problem is ... no other significant issues.