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my belts are the right size but I can't quite slide them on to repair them. What can I do?
where is the cabin air filter located?
I was driving & noticed temp. gauge moving toward hot. Got home before it fully reached hot, then checked antifreeze. It was below the minimum line but not empty. So added antifreeze half water & antifreeze. Ran h...
dies then after sitting 15 minutes or so will start right up.
We turn the heater on and it will blow hot air initially and then it turns we accelerate it will heat back up. This continues while we drive.
where do i find the blower resistor pack?
All 3 power windows are stuck about 1/3 way down open. Won't move up or down using any of the switches. Driver side is working OK. Away from home so called AAA's road service help. Disconnected the battery and re-c...
After replacing injector, vehicle will run fine on first start. After shut down, vehicle will not restart.
hi, I noticed that my girlfriend pt cruise did not have any tail lights or brake lights, but the third brake light works fine. can someone tell me what this could be? thanks
Ok heres whats goin on, My s10 is actually an 89, but anyways after being started for a couple minutes it idles really high and wont stop, and the ses light is constantly flashing fast, when i try to drive it and give...
I have 2003 Suzuki XL7 and the "service engine soon" light came on. So I looked in the owners manual to find out it has to do with the EGR Emmision System. I took my car to the dealership today for them to tell me tha...
I had my oil changed @ jiffylube today.Now I hear a loud ticking noise that I have not heard before? What may have caused this?
Check engine light came on and engine began idling rough. Mileage went down to 12 mpg and exhaust smells inside car. New plugs, wires, distributor cap, and cat. conv. did not fix problem. What else can I do?
Replaced alternator, replaced battery terminals, replaced battery 3 times now. How can I find out what is killing the battery? After car sits for even 1 day the battery is completely dead. Used meter to check altern...
Is it possible that the oxygen sensor could have been damaged when transmission was replaced and as a result of that there was an exhast leak?