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My AM radio is not working, I thought the antenna was in the window.
The price at the dealer is $350 w/o labor so where is this booger located and how hard is it to get out?
What does this OBD code mean? P1402 Heated Catalyst Power Switch Over temperature Condition
What is the approximate cost to have the BCM replaced? I understand that the VIN has to be programmed in to the BCM. Is this something I can program myself with a laptop?
My 97 Volvo 960 started rough idling yesterday. The check engine light is always on, but with the new rough idle it started to blink on and off. I have an appointment with my Volvo mechanic. I've done some research an...
trying to remove my valve covers, removed all bolts but it will not release from the sprocket side of the engine
how serious is a oil pan crack and how much does it cost to replace one ?
My 2003 Murano has 60,000 miles on it but rides terrible. i have taken it to the shop 3 times and said it feels so rough, doesn't take bumps well, and is no longer a smooth ride. i got 4 new tires, alignment, and had ...
How do I replace the fuel filter in my 2006 mercedes benz c230
when i bought this car it needed front tires. The front end was very shaky. I got new tires for the front but it still pulled to the left. i took it to pep boys for an alignment and they said they couldn't do it there...
Why is it so sluggish starting out?
Turns over but wont start................
Why my diesel truck wont start?
When you pull start the truck shuts off?
Why do diesel trucks have a plug to plug into an outlet?