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hope u r right koz some mechanic they tol dme to make service and replace sparks fuel filter air filterand catalystic.i will try to change the rive shaft hope it will work do u have any advice???thank you
I tried to jump start my wifes 1994 buick regal and neither one of us could find the terminals on our cars to attach the jumper cables to. Where are they?
Cant find the fuel system relay
I went to start my car yesterday and it would not turn over. Lights, gauges all work but nothing else happens. I tried to get a jump today and I can't find the terminals to attach the cables to. Am I stupid or are the...
sorry can you explain more for me please about the drive shaft
The blower moter will not run on any setting the moter is good I checked it, also checked all of the fuzes, I think, but controles on dsh will not turn the moter on. What else can I check
How do i know if it is the timing chain or the chain tensioner? It is making a really loud nasty sound, and finally gave out on me. I beleive the chain is skipping! Is the timing belt the same thing as a drive belt fo...
I currently have 176 000 miles on this vehicle. I have not had any engine nor transmission problems and the oil has always been changed every 3-5000 miles. The majority of the miles are from highway driving. The tra...
I have just had my cam belt replaced and now my car makes a load screetching noise when reversing? Is this to do with the cam belt or would it be another problem?
I've pulled fuel lines and there is no vac or pump action. beside fuel pump--any other tips?
When i get in my car and put it in reverse to move it, then put it in park, i get either a click or a series of clicks that sounds like it is coming from the transmission. This doesn't do it after i drive it for 100 f...
My Chrysler shop recommended that they do a 'Throttle Body Service' on my van. Why is this normally required? What is a reasonable charge? Thanks, Bill
How do i turn on the roof marker lights? My son recently bought this truck and there is no switch to be found. Also what would the fuse be named?
After taking off on drive, I drive to 20 to 30 MPH and the transmission won't change. It will get stuck and will not pass 30 mph. The trans fluid is good.
Anyone happen to know what the torque spec is on the bolts to the timing chain cover on a 2004 taurus (dohc)?