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Blower motor for A/C & Heat not working properly. Motor still works. Air is coming through at speed it's supposed to. Problem is noise and vibration. Once turned on the whole dash and steering wheel shake. Could this ...
Just got the van and the service engine light was on,no heat,running bad especially at idle and dying when i put it in gear,did a tune up,changed the water pump,changed the thermostat.Test drive-imediately the service...
How i reset the change oil light?.I disconected the terminal of my batteries and the light come back.
I've had to replace the mass air flow sensor 3 times now on my 2000 Grand Prix GTP. Is there a reason the sensor keeps failing? Is there a particular sensor made for GTP's? or am I just having bad luck with this part?
I recently changed the front brake pads and immediately after doing so I began hearing this clicking sound inside the van coming from around the ignition area. The van brakes very well. The problem is the clicking n...
Change oil light come and still for 40 secs after started,oil change done less than 500 miles.
Really loud squeeking from the front suspension area does the Navi have lube points like older model cars used to have
error reads "emission system requires service. What does that mean? Does it have anything to do with a EGR valve? one mechanic said it was a sensor that I could do without replacing...what do you think?
which fuse is for the wipers
When in park and at normal idle rpm my car vibrates, felt mostly in the wheel. When I rev the engine the vibration goes away. Any idea what could cause a low rpm vibration.
my convertible top would not close all the way. Can't get it close or open using the button. Help
i was talking to Dan about water pump belt replacement and I got cut off, can I talk with dan again, I didn't recieve enough information
does it take a special tool to change the oil at home? what size does it take to remove bolt to drain oil and transmissio oil also?
Smog tech.did not let rear wheels come to complete stop while using dyno.for smog check. All of a sudden,rear wheels stopped abrutly, and I heard a loud metal sound from the rear wheels/dynamometer area. It sounded li...
how do i change the water pump belt, is there a pictoral of the pulleys