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While my car was in for its 60,000 mile service, they found a leak in the water pump and recommended replacing it.
There is a strong gear oil smell coming from engine, looks like oil is leaking from a release valve hose on the drivers side next to the rad. Is there a coolant line from the diferential? or Tranny? or gear box?
Just replaced the frame. We cannot get the rear end to come back up. Any ideas???
I'm looking at one that has 124k on it, how much can I expect out of it? And is that a normal miliage for that year? They want around $4k. Thanks for any input, Kim
have a 2000 3.0 catera, had a water pump put in, now I have an upper engine, lifter like noise, like no oil to the top end, oil pressure good, car was fine before they did oil pump, any ideas?
Check engine light keeps coming on indicating an o2 sensor CKT Slow response (P0133) (Bank 1 Sensor 1) I have had the sensor replaced with an off brand sensor once, a Bosch sensor once and the oem sensor just yesterd...
driving lights won't come on when in drive
I have removed the entire dash out of my Pickup & need to remove the heater duct to replace the heater core ,BUT I can not seem to locate the bolts/screws that fasten it to the firewall , Am I going to need to remo...
I had my car detailed. They wahed the engine. Now my cruise control , signal lights wont work. My wipers won't go off. What should I do?
We have a 2000 ford ranger that overheats then gets cold. the heater does not work until the truck overheats then starts working until it cools off then it overheats again and the heater works again? The gage fluctate...
My Honda when cold shifts very slowly and drawen out, what could be the problem. Thanks to All
How do I reset the clock?
Help! How do you open the "glove box"? Is it part of the "dash board"? The key goes into the lock but I can't figure out what to do next!
is replacing breaks pad and sensor on BMW the same as other cars or there is a trick to it.
How difficult is it to change the automatic transmission in a camry? Are there any pit falls or special tips to now about? Any special tools needed? Thanks for any help on this.