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light above the cooling gage on the left side on dash board comes on when I start the car. It has the shape of a bird cage. Please tell me what this means? Thank you, Carolyn
Just had fly wheel and starter replaced. When i got car back it now idles high and Rpm needle bounces up and down. Car sounds like it is going to cut off and battery light flashes off and on.
I just got an outrageous quote to replace a coil pack and spark plugs. The good news is that i paid for the diagnostics and have a list of items that need to be repaired so I know what to ask for. suggesstions...?
How do you know when the head gasket is blown/cracked?
What would cause one of my headlights and fog light (on the drivers side) to all of a sudden fog up? The passenger side is fine & clear?
Why is all of my reserve water leaking from the bottom of the engine and steming out on top of it
Does the water pump spin freely, and how do i replace it?
Okay, so i have a few more questions for a tech, i was told that if i replace the transmission control module, it should clear the 0733 code which says that gear 3 is incorrect ratio. Is this true? If so, i was quoted...
When I start the car I get a distinct oder of raw gasoline. I pulled the plastic Acura cover off the engine and don't see any leaks. It's only when i start it. Affraid to drive..
Last week took care b/c had which I thought oil leak. Rack and Pinion was replaced b/c leaking in boot. now leak again under engine. Any ideas mechanic cant find oil leak.
Cruise control Won't turn ON. Have replaced Multiswitch at steering colume. New sw didn't correct problem. Brake sw OK. Fuses OK. Everything work through the Multi sw at steering colume except cruise control.
I have a '93 Dodge Ram Van 3/4-ton with a 318 engine. It's randomly sputtering and I can't figure out what's wrong with the engine. I have changed out the distributor cap and put in all new wiring, sparkplugs, oil, an...
We just got out van, and when I used the wipers to wash off the window with some fluid, they made a noise so I stopped. Then my husband had to use them because it was raining on his way to work, and they quit moving. ...
is it hard to replace a lower radiator hose and is it hard to find the fuseadle link fus