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my car only overheats when im at a light or just sitting still when the car is on and in park. i changed everything on it and it worked for a little bit. what do i do????
where is the a t s sensor on a 1995 tacoma 2.7 4 cylinder
I spin and hit a curb now the rear wheels are misaligned. Pass. side wheel is outward and driverside wheel is inward. Looks like the car body moved driverside. Car drives but not skids a lot. What may be a proble...
also code telling me my engine control module is showing a code...
Appears fuel is not getting to carbarator. Could it be a fuse in the Power Distribution Center under the hood?
I have a clunking noise in the car when I go over bumps? Is this common in these cars?
The driver side door opens fine from the inside, so I though the handle must be broken (like so many Sienna handles). But I took off the door panel and can the handle is working fine. It must be the connection between...
Some one damaged my passenger side corner light. I want to install one - how to do that?
replaced Battery, plugs, wires, coil pack,fuel fiter, wires, air mass sensor have all been replaced in my 93 LaSabre. It ran for two weeks then all of a sudden it stopped. The only thing it will do is spin. Like it is...
sometimes when I go to start my car all it does is click wont turn over. I was told it was my solenoid so I wanted to know where it is
my tail light and cruize control went out. i looked at my trailer wireing and found up the line a little a black box half melted is this a factory problem or the trailer wireing and is it tough to fix or is it covered...
Is the timing belt the same as the timing chain? When do you have to replace the timing belt in this vehicle?
my check engine light keeps coming on it indicated a small emissions leak we have replaced the gas cap and it just came back on
I have no power to the fuze that regulates the fuel pump and injectors in the fuze bo. I jump it and got juice to one side of the reay but still will not start