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Where is the physical location of the sensor/Solenoid for 2-3 shift? Transmission? How do you tell which one you have? Do I have 4L60E or 4L80E?
my odometer is showing error and the information center is showing ccr. what is ccr and how can i fix that and my odometer?
I screwed up and drove on the interstate at 70 MPH on dry pavement for several miles while in 4 wheel drive without realizing it. I knew my truck was making a strange noise but didn't click that it was in 4x4. After...
My emergency brake light will not turn off. It did this for a little while then stopped, but now it just will not turn off no matter what I do. When I got my oil changed it turned off for a few weeks. What can I do...
what does the drain plug look like? does it need a torx to remove? i can see what might be plug over the drive boot, passenger side. is that it?
changed plugs and checked compression. 1-155, 2-125, 3-145, 4-145, 5-145. is this enough diff to cause the misfire and would it be the cyl head problem the tsb is about?
I believe I need a replacement speed sensor on my 92 chevy lumina 3.1L V6 sedan. The needle on the speedometer jumps. Can someone tell me exactly where this sensor is exactly on the car? Any links to a visual diagr...
my jetta has been a great car has 90,000 miles on it the dealer told me i need to replace the timing belt is this nessecary if so how much would replacing the timing belt cost
I have everything loosened and pulled out but it is hung up by the ac/heat area. I removed both knobs but it is still hard to get out. What am i missing? I can barely get my hands behind to pull out the electrical ...
what is the procedure for replacing the heater blower motor and approx how long might it take?
trying to get accurate estimate for "bushings" as mechanic referred to them. Need both front bushings. Thanks!
How do you change fuel filter?
I have changed about all the sensers, code 33 comes up and i have changed the map senser checked the converter. It seems to run good wen i put it to the floor but if not it chugges and runs bad. the check engine light...
What needs to be done to stop the leak around the spark plugs?
Just looking for some advice or suggestions. What else should be looked at since the engine is coming out. Should I dump the vehicle?