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While driving or idling the engine just seems to be catching or studdering. What is wrong with it?
5.7 L 350 Vortec V8 Gas 99 GMC Yukon. 4WD. Verified transmission: 4L60E w/ deep pan. In '07 i had trans mission re-built (maybe not important) and so...I am replacing a solenoid inside the transmission pan/driver's s...
There is accumulation of moisture on the lense/cover on my driver's side headlight assembly. This only happens when i drive through rain. I heard I have to replace the entire headlight assembly. Is that true or can i ...
A couple of things..... First How do you change the inner tie rod ends, and secondly, I was checking out the inner tie rod ends and squeezed the rubber boots by hand and lots of fluid began dripping this norm...
I can't figure out how to get the mechanism that holds the glass in the door. It is a manual operated window
wife was driving and said motor sped up. she parked it and it would not restart. I tried to start it and noticed the indicator showed 2nd gear as soon as the key was turned to the start position. please help
im not getting any power to my hatch.No center brake light or interior hatch light.Does anyone no where the wiring connects wondering if a harness might have gotten disconnected,but i dont know where to look.
How do I change the dome light that is by the front window, over the driver and passenger side seats? How do I get the clear plastic cover off?
My 4WD Indicator light does not go out when I switch from 4WD to 2WD. I have been driving in the snow in 4WD Hi, and switched back to 2WD. The light usually goes out, but stays on. Is it an indicator of something? ...
I will check the radiator every 2 days and each time it seems almost empty, each time I fill the radiator with water. There may be a gasket problem but the temperature gauge never goes too much past the middle line. ...
where is the starter and how is the best way to remove it?
how much to fix all four motor mounts?? my engine looks like its about to fly out when I accelerate and it makes a cracking/knocking sound when I sometimes change gears, accelerate or hit a bump.
What does "Service 4WD System" light indicate in terms of issues and cost?
I took my fuel pump off an replaced with a new one. how can i tell if it has the right pressure?
have already reploaced plugs and wires