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we were driving and it was raining hard. the water on the road splashing hard under our car and all of a sudden after a big splash the car died out and will not start anymore. Please give me advise what i need to do, ...
Is front wheel drive pacifica has a transmission fluid and differential fluid separately or it's all in one trans fluid?
it is showing a P1135 code which is the air fuel sensor where is it located and is hard to replace
Is the leak from the filter a real problem or does the fluid and or filter need replacement?
have a 1995 525i station wagon dual sun roof does not work want to fix where should i start and what should i do to try to fix it
lock on door will not lock with key, but if i set in car and push lock all the doors will lock
No air is coming out of the vents on the dash for heat. The fan is blowing.
I have checked the fuses (good) for both the turn and hazard signals and both are still not working. What could this be?
Location for turn signal flasher on this vehicle? Also, the turn signal light indicator continues to flash in the dash even when the turn signal switch is not activated to the l or r ???
How much does it cost to replace the clutch?
I have a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country with 99,000 miles on it. When you drive the van for a perios of time, when you shut it off and go to turn it back on, it doesnt start. also, i have had occasions where i would be ...
I recently replaced my blower motor and kept the stock blower wheel because it did not appear to be damaged. It now makes a very loud screeching noise when control is placed on high or medium. I have taken this apar...
I dont know how to get the power steering pump off to get to the last to intake manifold bolts?? somebody help please haha!
Has been unused for about a year. It started yesterday. We let it run about 10 minutes. Now it refuses to start again. Pease help.
i am having problems with miss frie and starting