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My Audi A4 is extremely difficult to get into any gear. When I do get it into gear the car drives well and changes gear smoothly and as normal although occassionaly at low revs wants to keep changing gear.
coolant in oil,car runs like adream,no smoke,,mec indicated oil cooler,is this problem expensive/difficult?
Check engion light comes on and then after several starts the light goes out. The engion has shut down when the excellaration is decreased, Probable couse?
just started to run and idle rough replaced spark plugs already what to look for after spark plug replacement?
Where is the location and replacement procedure for the EVP sensor?
My mother has a 2003 Honda, the power steering pump was replaced a couple of years ago, and the hoses were repaired recently. However she complains that the car is making noise when she turns the steering wheel, espec...
When I start the car it idles just fine. but after I get up to speed and then stop at a stop light or anywhere it idles high. anywhere from 1300-2400 rpm. it doesn't seem to matter how fast I have been going of how lo...
I recently purchased a 2008 F150 XLT used--it had 20k miles on it when I bought it. The truck appeared to be in mint condition and I love it, but while driving, anytime I hit a bump in the road the passenger door--dri...
My Cadillac fouls the plugs in about 30 seconds then it wont start no computer codes are set changed out fuel rails and injectors still wont run
can you remove cam cover and inspect camshaft without pulling engine out
can i route the belt without the smog pump being on.
my gear shifter does not go into gear. moves around but not grabbing any of the gears
I replaced the battery and now the car wont stay running
What causes an alternator to go bad other than time, and could replacing a radiator and interconnected parts play a role.
Ok so I just replaced the factory battery in my Kia today and now it will not start. After reconnecting the battery, the factory alarm (which we NEVER use)goes off. It went off again sticking my key in the door to unl...