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When I pull the hood latch release,nothing happens. Is there a quick way to get the hood open without going to a repair shop?
I just put on a new PS and AC belt but it is loose. I put the old one back on and now it is loose. I put a new belt tensioner on, does not help. The belt slaps against the frame and the power steering is not workin...
I don't know much about cars but I do know that I need a new cam sensor. Can someone tell me where to look for it. My buddy who is a mechanic couldn't find it either. thank you very much
my villager runs fine when cold. when it warms up the rpms jumps up and down and i pulled over i saw the catalytic converter was red hot and it was running rough what can the problem be?
the vehicles engine does rev up but the top speed is about 5 mph seems to be in all gears except reverse. please help
On cold mornings my engine knocks for 2-3 minutes.....Dealership says it is bugs me, and it only has 33K on the truck. I had a 98 Z71 for 180K with no knocking it normal?
how do i install a new windshield wiper motor
The only way my marquis stays on is if I hold the gas down. What do I need to do fix it?
can anyone tell me how to change the water pump
Truck has a strong vibration when in 2 wheel drive that goes away when put in 4 wheel drive. Just checked all u-joints and they were fine.
How do you change a fuel pump in this car? Do you have to go through the gas tank? please help!
The fuel guage in my 97 s10 does not register. What needs to be done to remedy the problem.
power lock & driver side window do not work - fuses look good. - The lock/unlock buttons on the doors and key do not work either. - However, I do hear a cliking noise from the fuse box, the headlights go on/off an...
The actual year is a 2001...My windshield washer light comes on telling me it is low on fluid but it full of fluid. I did just replace the pump. Is there a reset for this light??