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i have a 94 firebird with the 3.4 and a 5 speed tranny, IT WONT START ive replaced the computer, the modul under the coil packs, yet i dont get any power to the wires that go into the coil packs, ive checked the wires...
i have a 1997 c230, the bushings have came out of the lower control arms, can i replace just the bushings or do i need to order new control arms?
what kind of tools would i need? basically i need to kmow if I can do the job from the oil pan or if im going to need to pull the engine out???
Hello folks. It was driving normally. VSC light came on, plus a couple lights below it. i left the car in town and didn't write down which other ones, but they are right next to the VSC light. The vehicle is vibr...
after fillinf the radiator, water leak from underneath the passenger side. i believe a line runs to the back of the vehicle and it's made if metal, i believe. What is my problem and how can i fix it?
once the engine warms up, the idle tend to go up and down, after the car runs 60 miles the idling gets worse, what could this be?
please help me it seems to be befuddling the workers on my vehicle i was driving and it just stopped i let it sit a few minutes then it ran for about 5 minutes then shut off again and hasnt started since we replaced ...
The van overheated and after cooling off it started. I noticed a lot of steam coming from the tail pipe. it ran for about two miles and quit. It will not start now.
I cant find the crank angle sensor my cars diagnosis told me code 42 which was crank angle sensor. It is not on the bottom of oil pan as chilton says
Can having my 1991 Honda Civic Engine steam cleaned harm anything?
Just serviced the light and checked all fluid levels. How do you turn off the light and reset it.
what should engine compression be?
how do i get the old seal out of the timing chain cover?
What does the 54,000 mile srevice include and what is the cost for this service?
my blazer has a awful front end roar. I believe it is the wheel bearing on the drivers front side. How involved is the repair? could I repair this at home? Keep in mind I'm no real mechanic. And how costly will thi...