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i've replaced the shift solenoid & still wont shift into passing there a another electrical part thats not mentioned that can cause this problem ? does the torque converter has anything to do wit...
my steering seems to work fine turning right, but on left turn power steering is non existant. stiff with straining hydraulic noise in car??
how do you drain the trannie fluild on this car..i dont see a drain plug
Let me begin by saying this is my first place to go for advice. This morning my car started up fine, after stopping at a local business my car would no longer start. I was able to get someone to give my a jump...
Both rear leaf spring brackets have rusted off of the frame, in other words they are not connected to the frame anymore. What would be the cost to repair and is it overly dangerous to continue driving, since I didn't...
what is the best way to replace the spark plug wires??
I see a serpentine type belt under a cover on the right side of the motor. Purpose?(appears cams are chaindriven on the left side) I think that PM would indicate replacement-my car has 148K on it and I want to keep i...
it started missing at low rpms and then gradually higher when i accellerated. now it always misses and im am loosing a lot of power
my 2000 jaguar xj8 vanda plas steering is making nise when I'm turning or putting a brake.
From standstill when I floor the gas pedal the engine pauses, with an almost complete lack of power, which results in the car hardly moving. I need to raise the engine speed by pressing the clutch back in again or not...
my cruise control doesnt work my service engine an reduce engine power light stays on.could fuses be the problem or should i take it to a shop.
Is the cooling system reliable on the 1996 TL?
On an uphill my van loses it's power, however when on flat road or down hill it seems fine. Then engine light starts flashing the second I started climbing and I am not sure what to do? Any suggestions?
battery and alternator check out good. When I get car started dash lights flicker slightly. Engine will start to idle rough, battery light then comes on and car dies. Any ideas would be welcome.
I currently have a quote of 550 in parts to replace an idler pulley. From my research it seems that this part is at most $50. Am I missing something in this search? Jlb