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I am having problem with my blinker making a ticking noise. Started intermittantly, now constant. How hard is it to replace switch on this van? I was quoted $150 at my local shop to repair. Is that reasonable?
How do i fix my nuber 8 clyinder i am loosing power and my check engine light is on.
the rear window defroster where the the wire stake on connects to the prong connected to the glass has fallen off. how would you reatach thast prong to the glass and get proper continuity to heat the glass.,
Why does the secondary air valve burn out?
oil pressure issues i think. lots of top end clatter at low rpm/speed. possible failed oil pump? possible hydrolic lifters collapsed? how can i check to see if the lifters have collapsed? repair or replace? is t...
Alternator belt tears 2-3 tmes per week. Had bracket replaced. A/C does not work, would seized condensor cause belt problem? Any other ideas??
Sometime I can start the car normally but sometime I just hear a "click" without cranking the engine. Where is the starter relay located? How does it look like?
How do you replace the right turn signal bulb on my 2001 Cadillac De-Ville?
we have heavy box ambulances with duels in the back and the two front. We drive mostly highway miles at 60-80 mph. We do not have alot of short stop/start heavy braking situations. what is the best way to rotate thes...
i was installing a stereo in my car and connected the wrong wire and shot out the lights on the gages, and i already checked all the light bulbs on the back of the gages
on the car the altenator belt broke ,the water pump pully fell off and the rackapenion needs to be replaced plus the heater is only blowing cold air what would you say or reccomend as my car repairs
Ok, well we had hard brakes at one point, then a slight shudder, to a left front brake smoking! Stopped, then found the Fliud in Master Cylinder, slightly gooy..We then Flushed the system, 3-4 times. Have back brakes,...
I'm driving a rental on 2009 jeep commander, how do I turn on 4wd?
The white smoke from the exhaust is a new development. This wasn't occuring before. Started about 8 months ago and getting worse. Does this info help rule out either bad O rings or head gasket?
I'm unable to lock my doors when the car is off and the key off the ignition. when I close the door the locks unlock. I'm able to lock from the outside with the key. the chimes also sounds even when the key and li...