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why does my raditor cap keeb breaking apart between the plunger and cap
Got stranded at the gas station the other day. Didn't want to start back up, after being off only a few minutes. Would only click once when key was turned. Finally got a jump, let it run for ten minutes, then was on m...
My blazer's 4WD High will not work,but 4WD Low will. The 4WD Low engages but won't shift normal like it used to.
with ignition switch off, and negative battery cable disconnected at battery, touching it to negative battery post causes sparks; also interior lights are not on at that time.
I left my van running the other night, while I ran into a friends house, remembered I might be low on fuel, so ran out & started to drive, but van sputtered and died. Figured I was out of gas, but put gas in and stil...
my 4 wheel is not working i put it in 4wheel how long do i drive it before it work or is it sposte to work right a way.
why does my heat not work in front but it does in back on a 1998 mercury villager
where is the cooling fan relay located?
a heater valve or actuator is malfunctioning. No matter the temp setting and even with the A/C on, the air blows hot. Is this a difficilt repair? What would be an estimate for repair? Can it be done at home?
with negative battery cable removed, touching it to negative battery post causes sparking.
I saw 2002 Honda Civic LX model its private deal, and the car was hit from Side on highway, and my mechanic says the car looks fine, but only problem is that the RPM meter which is besides Odometer which shows RPM alw...
Amber light flashes and the letters ASC come on in the odometer and car just revs and then has a loss of power. It is very cold and icey here.
My car has trouble starting first thing in the morning. It will try to turn over then it just makes this clicking noise. Usually I have to charge it for a min and then starts right up. Once i get it started in the mor...
I just bought the durango on 1/29/10. didn't even get it home after a 45 min drive and the oil pressure gauge came on and right away started knocking really loud, check guage light came on. what is the matter
im replacing a rear brake line. i cant tell which line to unhook from the master cylinder. is there a schematic that shows so i dont have to unhook them all?