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I need picture or where is the location of the ignition control module, need to replace a good know used igniter, part # 89021-35011(ds61), Thanks
my door will not latch shut
all dash lights and exterior lights work , but radio and console does not come on
I have a small oil leak coming from the timing chain cover on my 04 taurus (dohc). How costly should this repair be and are there any other components I should replace while this is being repaired? Also, is this commo...
My heater only blows cold air and when I turn the knob to heat, it makes a knocking sound behing the dashboard.
What are the potential problems for a front heater that doesn't work when the rear works fine. Is a good guess the resistor?
Noticed that the Belt slips a bit to the right on the tensioner itself once the engine is turned on. Assuming that it is aligning itself automatically... In addition, noticed that the pulley surface is smooth...Is tha...
How do I restart 1999 Bravada Oldsmobile after running out of gas.
i have a 04 grand cherokee overland...when i hit the brakes if i hit a bump or turn right in makes the noise...but if i turn left i have no noise...and ideas on what this problem might be?
water pump replacement how to
when changing my air filter i pulled out the censor connected to.i believe its a air censor.i replaced it and my car is idling high in park and neutral but okay in drive and reverse.any ideas.thanks
Two of my doors do not respond when I press the button for my car to lock. I took the car to the dealership and they gave me a ridiculously HIGH estimate to replace the actuator. Do you know of any good repair shops...
car trans has started to slip at initial movement.Car has an auto trans
Thank you for response I went to a different shop and problem was freeze out plugs in front not gaskets at all seemed all plugs were leaking to some level engine heating up hid leaks .is this a common problem or when...
what are the steps to replce the water pump on a 2000 dodge neon