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Can I get this somewhere other than a dealer? was and extra higher priced option.
my fuel pump needs to be replaced. can i access it through the trunk?
My 2002 Jetta 1.8 T will not turn over I replaced battery and it still would not turn over what could be problem.
The OE pulley is plastic. When I bought a replacement today it was metal. However if you tighten the bolt down the pulley will not spin. I noticed that when I took the old pulley off the bolt was not tight and on the...
i was driving my car and went over a curb i dented my oil filter and all the oil leaked out. i was driving it to but more oil and it and the car cut off it started right back up and then dead completely and now it don...
i have a buick regal thats actually a 1989 that im almost positive i jumped timing in. can anyone tell me how to fix it?
why does my car overheat after replacing catalytic converter
I have recently purchased a BMW 330Ci and after a day or two of driving have noticed that the autmatic transmission seems to kick in late... maybe only at about 1500RPM does any significant power go to the wheels. If ...
My Honda CRV has constantly wet front carpets. The body shop did a water test and could not see where the water was coming in. We have had allot of snow lately and it get wet when it snows even when I am not driving i...
I'm told my water pump gasket is leaking. Do I need to replace the gasket or the whole water pump?
Drivers door wont open fm inside or outside. any ideas?
Will a 2.4 from a 96 Grand Am swap into a 2001 Grand Am with a 2.4, and if so what else needs to change
the heater stoped working all of a sudden.when you turn it on you can hear a click over by the blower motor.i have checked the fuses and they are fine.could it be a relay and if so where is it located.and if the motor...
how much do you think it would cost to fix the theft deterrent system? thanks
how to replace thermostat on audi 1994 100s