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how do you remove & reinstall front wheel bearing races? should they be easily removed, do they need an air tool ie air chisel/punch or some other special tool? I've tried tapping them out with a rubber hammer and scr...
fogging up the front window
It has been recommended that the part above be replaced to correct a chirping sound near the thermostat on the driver side, opposite the serpentine belt end of the engine. How much will this cost at a shop?
my 2001 tahoe just failed the saftey test on the inspection...the test said pin 16 volt check and it came back with 14.3 what does this mean
My Blazer started acting up after I replaced the heater blower motor. The Blazer will start and run till the engine warms up and then the spark dies. Once it cooled down it would restart. I replacer the ign. module wi...
Car failed smog because of no communication. My car stereo was stollen. Does power get drawn from there? It's the only difference from last year.
i have a water leak coming from top back of engine cant figure where its coming from & causing coil packs 2 clogg up?????
what is a P1443 Manufacture code
The tire is on the front passenger side. How much for repair at a shop?
I tried the 'get an estimate' feature, but my problem was not an option. What should I expect to pay for a new exhaust system (not the manifold, but pipe)?