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small amount of blue color liquid after driving
pedal feels spongey but no leeks. when car is off the clutch engages.
Normal braking is OK, but when you need to stop quickly and you press down hard on the brakes it feel like stopping on ice with the ABS on and you don't stop quickly. Front brakes look ok replaced rear caliper and ...
42k miles-what maintence should have already been performed on 2007 ford explorer sporttrac v-8-other than oil changes,tire rotations,air filter.
Where is the interior fuse box for inside lights.
my Passenger side headlight keeps going out, I replaced bulb 2 times then replaced a plug that was completly burnt out, now the headlight is out again in less than 3 weeks. Do you have any Idea how i can fix this prob...
it was 38F outside and the car lost power I could barely make up the cajon pass and then later that day it runs fine
The manual and service rep states timing belt replacement at 90,000 miles. Does this hold for both the V-8 and V-6 Engines? Most 4Runners are sold with the V-6 and the manual doesn't specify the engine type. Thank you.
what do it mean when you start driving and your fuses blows out. then when you replace the fuse it starts again. Then once you drive it a little more the fuse blows again
My car smells like gas whenever I put more than 4 gsllons in the tank and now the car is loud what causes this problem and what fixes this problem?
Brake Light Came on, Added Brake Fluid, Light Went off now is on again (one day later)and brake fluid had to be added again, but light is still on
location of crankshaft position sensor on 1998 jeep gran cherokee lmtd 4x4 with 4.0 6 cyl
did inspection on the car and emission result fail, i check gas cap and it is ok, what is the next step on this problem,