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What would cause this vehicle to roll down hill when in park. it rolls both forward and bakward.
should you not get a universal catalytic converter.
i cannot located the resistor. ive taken out the glove box. where would i find the resistor
how long have i change the transmission fluid
it did not work this morning. i went out my driveway and it went on. then i came out of work and it did not work
i can't find the resistor. ive even taken out the glove box. where is it located
what is the proper procedure to change the rear brake pads
what is the replacemnet cost of head gaskets for this engine? told it would be $900 dollars. help pse
Sometimes the lights won't go out when the doors are closed
I have owned a 1993 Toyota Corolla for one year now. It is a four-door, manual transmission. I was traveling in some rainy conditions and noticed that my steering wheel started to shimmy. I could minimize the shimm...
whats the hourly labor rate to do sparkplug replacment , i see you have to remove the fuel rail and some other stuff to get to them.
Are special tools required, how hard are they to replace?
I can't change the light bulb