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Im have to replace the Brake Booster .. How do i replace it or pull it out?
changing a tire. has plastic bolts that just keep turning. do i pop off the plastic cover.
my catera stalls then i wait a bit and restart it it will run for a short thim and do it agine i think it maybe the crankshaft position sensor ??? if so were is it and how do i change it
I came home and saw that my 740il was leaking from the front and back. It has been parked there all day and my drive way is pretty steap. I thought I noticed a couple of drops the other day that it might be leaking fr...
Does the Service Computer automatically reset when a service is done?
Cost estimate for replacement of rear brakes, calipers and roters
plastic nozzle that directs washer fluid towards windshield fell off. washe rfluid skirts straight up on drivers side. would like to know where to know part name and number and where to purchase
power steering went out 5 times yesterday when I was crossing a bridge in Philadelphia. Light on dashboard went on. What is most likely wrong. Will steering lock up and cause an acccident?
Anti-theft system goes on all the time - had to pull fuses to stop the noise. Are cables loose somewhere?
The trunk will not latch down properly - have to really press it hard. What can be done to fix it?
I have a 1991 ford ranger 4 cyl. It starts and then dies it will not stay running. I just put new fuel injectors and it did not help ! does anyone have an answer?
why do i have vibration in the front end of my van when accelerating. It is not the tires, rims, brakes or bearings, these are all good. what else could it be? could be the cv joint
Heated Seat Driver Side goes off intermittently. When I jiggle the cables under the driver seat the heat will come back on - but then goes off sometimes.
Does the belt of chain neet to be changed on 4 cly-2.4 L