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My 2006 Mercury Milan handle broke on the drivers side is this replaced under an extended warranty.
fully loaded with everything
what is the cylinder head torque
what is cylinder head torque
when i turn the key to start the engine it goes click and won't start. if i turn the key off and try again it starts..what's the problem..i have replaced the relay
replace coils every thing the people at jaguar said
how do I change the drive belt
This is an intermittent problem. Happens mostly when the cruise control is set between 55-70 mph, but has happened when held speed constant at same speed. Engine starts spitting and sputtering, gas mileage goes from 2...
After replacing timing belt, run good for a while but engine light came on and started running rough. why is this happening
replacing upper and lower intake gasket
had a friend remove the factory radio and tried to put in an after market radio in it, which had removed the dash in doing so well after he was done could not get it to work and ruined the wiring harnes for the radio,...
I am having trouble with the trabs shifting automaticly into drive I need to manually shift it, was told that it might be a transaxle sensor? any help would be appreciatted.
I changed TPS and Knock Sensor 1st and 2nd gear fine. I have hesitation getting into 3rd (revs to about 4k rpm).Transmission never hits 4th gear (it only revs high and redlines)and can only go about 40 mph. I was not ...
this shows on odometer every time you start vehicle.