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When I put my truck in first gear, the transmission makes a grinding noise, but all the other gears are ok.
how to change thej power brake booster?
How to fix a transmission indicator needle on the instrument panel shifted to the right .??
Which pulley is the easy adjustment to replace fan belt?
i have been given an old 1984 escort it came with no spark plug leads i have brought some but do i put them on in the correct order.
How many quarts of oil does it take?
How often should I change brake & power steering fluids?
what needs to be removed?
How often do I need to change these fluids. This seems to be the new up sale at dealerships.
what is the easiest way to reach the exhaust crossover bolts and heat sheild bolts to remove them, to get the thermostat out?
both are "Y" vin codes. If it will work what pcm do i use from the 96 or 99... and which wire harness and fuse panel should i use
I shift into 4 low or high and the tranny works good except there is no light on dash and it dosent lock in, and I was wondering if there is a fuse that locks in the transfer case
My Nissan dealer diagnosed the noise "growling" type noise I was hearing as 2 bad (front & rear) fuel dampers. He charged me $100 (1 hour) for this information. I have not have the dampers replaced yet. Are they ...
i have a leaking oil cooler line and want to replace it. is the oil coolec line presurized