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replaced U joints, center hanger bearing still no change
car will shut off while driving, and the moter gets hot
where can I get throttle body service
doors will not unlock with any of the power door lock switches (driver, front passenger, side or rear door). I replaced the driver's electric door lock switch - no help. The 25A accessory fuse is good. Any suggestions?
the engine light is on in the vehicle and the repair shop said that it was the catalytic converter.
2002 s-10 security light stays on 24/7 , no security on truck, none of the guages work, speedo, gas... nothing. truck runs and drives fine
Gas gauge is not working. How do I know if there is a problem with the gauge or with the sensor? Also, is there a fuse that could cause the gauge to malfunction.
How do I know if my ABS is working? Is there an indicator light or is it always on? I've never seen one. Any ideas about "clunking" in front end at low speeds? Thanks
The car is making a grinding squealing noise when the wheel is turned. Only happens when the car is traveling slowly
I was told I had to replace my calipers after my brakes went on my car
Car will not start have no power to solenoid.I start by jumping at soleniod but have no reverse or back up lights.
the airbag light is on and the mechanic says it is code 71,what exactly is this?
The seats are hot, but the heat that comes out of the vents are cool, and temp is on 80 degrees.
jerk started out very slight and has been getting worse, i've replaced fuel filter, plugs , plug wires,air filter, no codes no check engine light. is the timing chain causing this it has 170 K.
someone attempted to steal my truck they were unsuccessful thank goodness however they tampered with the egnition. At first the key wouldnt turn in the ignition however the tow truck driver forced it to turn then it w...