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car ran out of gas. person put more gas in then tried to start car and it did not start. what could be the possible problem with it? want to know because i'm interested in buying the car. is it an easy fix or not??? ...
I want my explorer checked out thoroughly and needed to know if timing belt should be replaced now. 185,000 miles
Driver's side electric window will not go down all the way, How do we fix this problem? Thanks
what size gaskets connecting converter
I would like to know if there are any maintenace that I should have done to my Envoy after I just had it for 5 years for example, like should i or do I need to get the coolant, brake fluid flush and the clean injector...
where is the camshaft position sensor located on i35 infiniti
the clutch pedal has play in it and I cant get car in gear without shutting the engine. I did get it to shift when I finally got it to shift with engine off.
Had a leak and notice 6 inch bypass hose broke off some piece I don't know what it is , can you tell me
how to replace a time belt
The anti lock brake light came on and the 4wheel drive light flashes off and on. then goes off. Could the wet weather have something to do with it/
have change idle air flow idle position and censor on driver side of intake no change in fast idle 2400 rpm
how do i fix these codes and how much will it coast? p0420=efficiency low bank 1 p0340=sensor conditon p1401=sensor circuit high
how do I unlock the passenger window to operate from passenger side
Had car in shop for almost 5.5 months, with one machanic, now my car over heated and wont start. We changed the fuel filter but still wont start and has a full tank of gas. Tried to jump it but still no avail. What c...
where is the transmission stick