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Every time I start the car and when i drive. It sounds like a running sewing machine with ticking sounds to it. I just had a new oil change with the best oil in it.
the jeep start and run when the motor is cold but cut off when it get hot.
The radio, power windows and wipers stop working for a few minutes and then come back on again and then somedays it doesn't happen
i need to see best way to remove alternator without tearing whole engine apart i dont see way to get out
The Trunk release lever and the fuel door lever on the left side floor of the driver side are very loose ( but work) can they be tightened or do they have to be replaced???? Can't find the topic in my Haynes repair ...
i recently had the catalayic convertrs replaced but the truck still dies when i drive it. if its udeling it runs forever.
How do I remove 4x4 shift selector knob
How to reprogram the keyless remote
intermitant turbo failure
do u need a special tool to take off or can u pull hubcap off
lost compression on all four cylinders ...timing is on was running great then poof nothing...
what is the easy way to get in and replace my distributor cap/rotor, i dont see the cap by the hood. is it the old way, by removing the compartment inside?
i want to repere my car engine so i need more information about it could you please inform me?
The heater,defoster blower keeps runing even with ignition turned off. I can only stop by unpluging the connector.
how do i take the drivers side window