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When turning left a popping sound can be heard from the front left and it also whins when turning
headlamp burnedout and needs replaceing how do i change bulbs
My knock sensor is causing the check engine light to be illuminated. Is this an easy fix, and does anyone have simple instructions?
I jacked up the front passager tire and started the engine. I noticed fluid behind rear driver tire. I brought it to a garage and they said it was fine. It shakes side to side over bumps at 60+ mph.
I have codes for O2 sensors #1 on both banks, one for low voltage (bank 1) and one that just says circuit condition (bank 2) but also have one for MAF low input and my truck obviously doesnt want me to push the accele...
Let's just say I might need to retreive a golf ball.
hi, i have a bad VSS and as a result my engine will occasionally be subject to a fuel cutoff while at highway speeds. it has only happened when going faster than 55mph. there is no rhyme or reason as to when it happe...
when i turn on the head lights the dash lights go out.
is there a code required when changing the oil that will disconnect the oil light
For any estimate can you provide the number of manhours used to provide the labor estimate?
Should my valve cover gasket be leaking at 51,000 miles?
where is the fuel pump fuse located?
i am trying to revive a 1986 mercury marquis. drained all bad gas out. put ten gal. of good gas in. put gas in throttle body to prime it. it starts but wont stay running. can hear the fuel pump kick in but not getting...
My exhaust rusted out and i was wondering how much it would cost to get fixed and pass inspection?