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When closing door the dome light stays on, it may stay on for a few minutes or as long as an hour.
my parking brake light is always on and when i drive it sounds like something is scratching on the front right tire, when i appy the brakes the sound gets much louder, whats the problem here
Instrument cluster consists of speedometer, temperature gage,fuel gage, etc. Initially, cluster works, but after about 15-20 minutes of driving, the cluster goes dark and all gages drop to zero. Can this be repaired ?
where the timming marks are located
the washer line is broke through the firewall on the passerger side how can i fix it
Lights were left on. Wouldn't start (turn over) in AM. Attempted start down very steep hill and would start. Would not turn over with jump start. Won't turn over with recharged battery.
is there a timing belt or timing chain
What is the cost of a TCM replacement?
on my jetta i have a cold lower radiator hose. i changed the tremostat and still no heat!!!!!!
How much should it cost all in to replace the two front upper control arms?
How do I get the error codes for a 1992 Jetta
ok guys this is a tuff one I've read most of the comments on this and several other sites and assure you most everything has been tried. Engine idles reasonably well no miss. Miss starts at tip-in. Has had plugs, wire...
tells me coolant level low engine hot ac off change oil. still starts just have to keep adding water
need all timing marks for this truck i am replacing the chain
I attempted to take my vehicle to get my state required emissions testing. I was told the DLC was not getting power and it was likely the cigarette lighter fuse. However, the cigarette lighter still supplies power a...