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car runs for about 30-40 and shut down. wait about 10-15 minutes its starts up and run for 2-3 mins. and stop again
is there a fix or something I have to live with if I buy the vehicle
My van has problems when accelerating! it feels like its loseing power and also vibrates at highway speeds! Had a full tune-up! Problems and check engine light is still on. any suggestions?
I just had my front struts replaced. All of a sudden, after the replacement, I am getting vibration and clunking noise after the car has been driven a while. This comes out of the front drivers side. The noise disappe...
what makes a car shut off. but then when you go to start it up it does ,but ends up shutting off again
What are the directions to replace the fuel pump.
I replaced the fuel pump relay. Tested for power at the fuel pump connection-four prongs- 3 are continuous with ground and one gives intermintent readings around 11 volts but not consistent. continuity is good from th...
my check engine light is on. diagnosis says defective air pump. Where is the air pump?
OMG, my husband just bought a 1999 Shelby Series 1 (not Mustang) last month. He took it out for a ride today and when he was almost home he stalled. Upon starting it again it won't go into gear, at all, not forward ...
I have this rodeo with 129000 miles on it I just now noticed a whinning noise from the engine I can't tell where its comming from. It whines longer as you rev the engine, could it be possible that its my water pump ma...
need to set timing on car i have already replaced the timing chain
How do you change the high brake light on the convertible? I can't figure out how to get into the housing.
Windshield wipers don't return to resting position and blower fan is intermittent. Where is it located?
how to change ball joints on 2006 saturn vue?