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The car starts when it is warm outside but not when its cold outside. I was told it is the coolant temp sensor. Is this so..
I am looking for a repair schematic for the soft top repair for the hydraulic cylinders. I need to replace the left side cylinder that lifts the soft top. It is the smaller one inside the lift mechanism. Any ideas o...
Code sets during start up. Checked old sensor (ohm reading) failed. New sensor (Bank 1) ohm readings good. Car still sets code. Can the intelligent power module cause this condition?
why don't you answer my question? It's been 4 day's, plenty of time to respond!!!
When my car go through raph road, bumpers or when the car body was shaking, there's always noise from the door rubber. What should I do?
Has anybody else had issues with this known problem in getting the parts
I have a slow anti freeze leak. I have replace the water pump,thermostat,and the upper and lower raidater hoses. It seems to leak behind the alternator. I can't tell if it is coming from behind the alternator or if...
What if you paid for a service that was recalled after the recalled was issue? Can you get a refund?
Brake and parking lights work but reverse lights are out, bulbs look good, cant find a labeled fuse for it
1985 Mercedes, haven't run in a while. Charged battery but doesn't seem to be getting gas to carborater. Won't keep running.
will not go into reverse but goes into all other ,could my linkage bad?
Good morning...I have had a couple of issues with the car like a strong smell coming from my muffler along with with smoke...the engine light came on a couple times along with it not wantingto start when warm)changed ...
Ok, I have taken my 1997 Bravda to several different places and no one can figure out what is wrong with it. Here's what is happening: The ABS light comes on, the power windows won't work, the fan won't blow (I can...
how to reset oil change indicator light