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is it safe to drive with bad front struts can it create more problems for the car
When engine is cold the reduce engine light comes on and car shuts down on power-works after re starting-becomming more frequent. Recently replaced EGR valve.
the front rotor will not move. I was doing a brake service and attempted to remove the rotor. Also the driver side rear tire will not come off the axle. How can i remove these without causing damage to my vehichle?
While driving and I push down on the gas pedal it is like the car wants to stall, then starts to go fine for a while. then does the same thing again. wondering if it is a fuel filter problem or worse a fuel pump?
I drove my GT yesterday as work, then to the Mall, I was on a car jam, then the supermarket. After that, when I tried to start it..NOTHING...just a "click"sound and everything else turns on (radio, lights,...
car keeps cutting off when driving whats could be the problem?
I will buy this article, if obtain information.
The clutch is very soft and I have to press down further than normal to take off. It is extremely difficult to get the car in 1st gear from stop position.
Engine light on, car bucking reduced power
how much a new transmission.
I smell gas fumes inside the car when I start the car in the morning then it goes away now it is all the time what could this be also my check engine light is on it came on when all this started.
car been setting along time.
JImmy continues to overheat eventhough the radiator has been replaced and so has the thermostat.
what causes the battery to die over nite, and when it sits for a few hours? i cant hear anything running when i turn the car off. there are no lights on in the car. any help would help save cash and unwanted stress o...