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Where is it located and how to remove the heater core?
water pump needs replaceing. car is overheatng
How often does the sway bar link need replaced? I just had it replaced 9 months ago, 9,000 miles ago and it already needs replaced. Is that normal?
need to see the pattern of the serpentine belt
When I drive it jerks. What do I need to look for?
break light flashes when i break,what does this indicate?
need left front tie rod replaced
how do i remove front brake pads
Is replacing the pan gasket the same as replacing the rear seal between the engine and transmission? I have been told that is the source of the leak.
My car is very difficult to start at times. I have replaced: battery; fuel pump; wires; a module in the distributor cap and other sensors. It appears that the situation occurs when it is damp outside. Occaision...
I have a 2005 Ford Escape with 92,000 miles on it. There is a hissing sound that comes from behind the steering column that goes away when i press the brakes. Anybody know what this might be? Thanks,
I need to replace the clutch in my accord and was wondering how difficult it is? I am a mechanical engineer and a mechanicaly inlined person. So I was wondering if this is the kinda of repair I can take on my self?
Why is the service suspension system light coming on?
where is the fuel pump located on a 99 Mercedes C 230?
noise is only in four wheel drive,has a clicking and popping noise coming out of left side cant determine if it is front axle or transfer.noise is there mainly on acceleration and turns