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rear window defroster does not work but light on the dash comes on.
How much will it cost to replace the oil sending unit on a 1996 buick regal?
how much is an axel job
what does it mean on code errors of, secondary air injection system malfunction and catalyst effeciency below threshhold bank 1 and how do I repair the problem to clear my check engine light
My air pump in the engine has condensation in it, how can this happen?
how do change the trans fluid /
how do i release fuel system pressure so i can replace the fuel filter
The rear window wiper will only move below the window not in the forward position.
How do I reset the change oil sensor?
how to repair it or how to diagnose it how can i find the problem or how what to do
On my 96 cadillac deville the service engine light is on and the people at Autozone did a test on it and it came up p1660 which i know is about the cooling fan control circuit fault---ECM detected an improper voltage ...
I recently bought a 1999 Jetta VR6 in November of 2009. Since then it s been in the shop a total of 5x and needs to go in for another go! I ve had the heater core replaced, and I m having a serious problem with the E...
Please forward a typical estimate, with labor... thanks.
When the truck was started recently it popped loudly and has been running rough since then. It still gets from here to there just seems to be missing and running rough. Any ideas on the problem ??
Trunk cover is dented about 2" or right side at botton. Trunk cover still opens and latches. Dent runs up to where trunk curvs horizontal with ground. Desire to take out the dent if possible. No paint included.