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how do i access turn signal bulb location
On warm days when the car is hot, there is a howling noise coming from the drive train at speeds between 18 and 22 mph with the car going at a constant speed. Sounds like a bearing?
tried to start car turn key engine won't crankover battery is good i changed starter relay still won't crank over
Vehicle acceleration was stuck when going up incline. Attempted to apply brake which slowed it, but when brake released automatically accelerated. Shut engine off and it reset itself. Possibly a sensor?
I hit a curb and the air bags on the passenger side deployed. No damage to car, just a scraped tire. Should it deploy so quickly and why is it so expensive to repair?
I have low brake pedal even after changing the master cylinder. When bleeding the brake system there was very little fluid that came out. Any Idea's?
I have replace the master cylinder and I still have a really low brake pedal. After I replaced the master cyliner very little fluid came out when bleeding the brake system. any idea's
i recently replaced the fuel pump in my 92 olds cutlass supreme, i also replaced the wiring harness for the pump the fuel strainer, fuel pump pulsator, fuel filter and oil pressure switch. i also replaced the ecm fuse...
my temperature gauge goes up and down when I'm driving. I also checked the temperature gauge after I parked my car and let the engine running. Then same thing happen. Temperature slowly reached highest point and after...
rented a pulley to take out a power steering pump and can not figure out where to place pulley parts to take pump out
how do i reset the wrench light in my 2006 escape
How can the Require maintanance light be reset from the dashboard.
the car is having some problems now and the it feels like its not getting fuel then it takes off and other times it runs great i have reaplaced fuel filter spark/plug wires and sparkplugs but this problem comes and go...