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I intend to replace the Spark Plugs myself. When I took a wire off I couldn't get the spark plug wrench over the plug. Do I have to remove that assembly that hold the plugs to get to the body of the plug?
My Del sol has approx 93K, when is it required to replace the timing belt. I have no issues with the vehicle. Also the bottom of the hood has been collecting moisture and rusting. I had Car-X strip and repaint, but...
part one of two part, will a later model ZR2 suspension (1997-on) fit on a 1994 and would the rear disc set-up from a 1998 fit on the axle of the 1994 or do i have to swap the whole axle and would it fit? thanks. neil.
Where is the TPS located and is there anything I need to know when replacing it?
truck has fire & gas passing threw, but it does not have compression? what could be the promblem? & if so how could it be fix? please help I've been looking through the whole Internet for the question!!!
What mileage should the timing belt be changed?
What sie rear windshield wiper is required ad how do I replace it?
The AC stwitches light and the fan blows but no cold air. One day it worked the next no cool only air. In automatic mode it bolws air like crazy but never cools so the auto system just keeps blowing. I was having a ...
How do I replace the heater blower motor on the referenced vwhicle. Where is it located and how do I access it?
Had new belt installed and 3 weeks later it shredded. Is it possible to install too tightly or wrong to have the belt come apart?
how do i replace the front brakes can i have a picture
How do you replace the tail light bulb in this car?
the rattling is near the steering column. the car also bounces a lot and the service stability indicator light has been popping up. is this an inidcation that the shocks/struts need replacemnet or something else and w...
the car will not start or it will sputter sometimes and have a rough idle