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Were is cabin air filter?
the car starts but it does not stay you think its a fuel problem? or something else?
I am approaching 100,000 miles on my pickup. I change fluids regularly but what preventative maintenance should be done on this vehicle at 100,000 miles? There are no problems currently with the truck.
I have discoved that I'm loosing engine coolant with no visible sign of leaking. I noticed a sticky, greenish sludge in the top of my oil cap. The enigne starts and runs fine, no overheating and no smoke in the tail p...
Engine cranks no start,Hooked up fuel pressure gauge 50 to 60psi never drop while cranking it triggered fault code for crank sensor.replaced sensor engine started good but still have tyhe same problem Engine dies/runs...
Right front radio balance does not produce sound.
Pathfinder will not start. Motor turns over but will not start. Starter is rebuilt, works fine. Checked out the distributor, the coil, rotor, sparkplugs, fuel pump and all works fine. Seems as though it is not gett...
The light for my cruise control comes on when I start the truck but won't come on when driving and won't work.
The tail gate won't let down. The left latch releases but the right wont.
an engine oil flush was recommended due to age of car.
I am looking to replace the front drivers side door panel. The arm rest broke off. I have been looking all day for a part number and cant find it. Can anyone help
How to reset radio code. The words wait show up
When I put the suv in park, the idle speed goes up to 2000 rpm to 2500rpm. How do I fix this?
My driver door has dropped due to weight, and won't close properly. How can I repair this so that I feel safe in my Jimmy again?
how much fuel is left in my 34 gl tank when the low fuel lite comes on