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how do i fix the re-tractor on the seat belts/ as well as removing the interior that covers them.
How do I replace the burned out dashboard lights. The needle shows but there are a few lights that don't work.
is it hard to change plugs on a 2009 aveo? the plug wires seem to be hidden under a plastic piece running across the engine.
How do you adjust idle
How much should I espect to pay for a tubeuo
the air conditioner blows hot air when turned on. What needs to be replaced?
i have a 4 speed automatic,can ireplace it with a 1991 civic 5 speed automatic?
clutch is 6 mths old
I am not missing anything... I just need an estimate on re-wiring it. The wires were cut when a new engine was put into it.
How much should it typically cost to have the timing belt replaced?
need answer for fuel pump hopeing it is around 30 psi or going to have buy anew fuel pump need help
On the dash left of the steering wheel is where the buttons for the trunk and fuel release located. One day they just stopped working, do you have an idea what the problem might be?
When I start my car my malfuction indicator light will not go off
when i start my car my malfuction indicator light stays on
what is the estimated cost to replace the 02 sensor in a 1997 honda accord se?