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check engine light
I'm not sure how to get the dash to tell me exact degree of engine and can it do that it has told me hot but no actual degree can it?
Do you find that the newer Volvo's have more problems than their counterparts from the 90's and earlier? I have an S40. I have been told, I need a fuel pump, and front struts, plus a replacement for the coolant r...
We had a stereo/amp hooked up, we disconnected everything to move some stuff. When reconnecting, all of the sudden, the van will not start...just clicks. We disconnected amp, etc...and still nothing. We checked relay,...
Hello, My husband ran a scan, & changed out both O2 sensors & MAFS, the check engine light is still going on. What is the problem. I am so ready to sell this car, I got it used from my mom after she passed away, ...
My blower motor works on 1 speed, about 2 or 3 out of 7. is this the resistor or motor
i have found oil in my spark plugs and need a detailed layout on how to fix it.
the low beams headlights on both side went out at same time have high beam and running lights
My bright lights are coming on when I turn on the blinker and also when the car is off the bright lights are coming on by themselves and running down the battery. Is there a way to manually disconnect the bright lights?
There is a black box under the right front fender. It actually wraps around the horn. Chrysler calls it a vacuum res. It has a vac. line plugged into it. Can you tell me where the other end goes to. It also has a plug...
could a 1993 toyota camry have an exceleration problem just like the newer cars that were just recalled? Could this year, make and model excelerate on its own?
my head is crack. Did'nt give a warning just went straight to hot man is this ever so so bad how much is the repairs
replace airbag
replaced window lift rack and replaced all door pandle cliples
My six dics cd player will no longer play my cd's in any of the dics modes. It says "bad dics" even though I have tried several that I know are not bad dics.