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Will the fuel pump run sometimes and not others if it's bad?Changed the filter. Pulled the pump and it worked off the truck put it back and it started twice and now won't start again.
my car doesnt shift while driving its like it is stuck in 2nd when im going 40 miles an hour my rpms are between 4 and 4 and a half what could this be
Grinding noise from rear differential.
the darn questionaire won't let me put in the actual year it is an.. 1983 Thunderbird...It has been sitting for a year I have put in three "top grade gas" with fuel injection/carb. cleaner...still hasn't stopped st...
The e-check company is having trouble reading the codes on my vehicle. It has been about 5 weeks since I had the repair done on my vehicle, and they are still having trouble reading the codes.
engine light comes on
After sitting for several months vehiclce does not seem to get gasoline. There is fuel in the tank but the fuel gage does not resister when the ignition key is on. Is this a fuel pump or electrical problem? how can I ...
I was wondering if i have to take my bmw in to mechanic for oil change or can i do it myself? What brand/ type of oil do i use
Why does the ABS warning light stay on?
We believe we have a transmission fluid leak only while driving. What could be the problem?
hello i need wheel hub torque specs
a bad spark can cause a code 304 eng mi fire ?
What is needed to be checked for a routine checkup after 18,000 miles and all that was done was oil changes and spark plugs.
We have checked the alternator and the battery and they tested good and the fuses were good to. So we are stumped what else do we need to look at
Where do I fill the Transmission fulid?