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why does it make noise when accelerating ?
how do you replace the ignition lock key cylinder
engine hood (up or down) gets in the way of replacing the wiper blades. Can'e left the blades high enough to repalce them. what's the secret?
How can I read the numbers on the units so I can mach my 4x4 S-10 truck?
Check engine light came on. Took it into AutoZone to get the error code read. "P1506: Air control (IAC) overspeed error. Detected an engine speed greater than desired." Anyone know how to fix this?
I have 80000 miles on my car, is it necessary to change the timing belt if the car is running well?
my car will cut off at the stop sign but it will start back up what can be the problem with that
how much to replace timing belt
Where is located the transmission oil filter for 2000 saturn LS2
please wher is the cigaret ligher fuze box
ihave changed cam sensor but still have code
While making a turn a creeking type sound can be heard coming from the front end.
The back up lights dont work, and the turn signal doesnt work
where is the oil pressure sending unit located on a 2004 dodge dakota with 4.7L engine?
is labor time different from front struts