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reae main oil seal replace
I have a 1998 saturn sl1. need to find a good shop close to home who takes extended warranties.
I was told that I need new strutts and I was wondering if I can stand the noise, will it hurt anything if I don't get them replaced.
starter will not crank.have replaced the starter and relay also cheched fuses.the battery test good. the new starter after jump the solinod spins but does not hit ring gear. there also a vallet control box under dash ...
My Speedometer and Odometer do not work. My Check Engine Light and the OD Light are on. No other lights are on. I had a mechanic fix this problem a few years ago and now it is back. I am going to replace the Fuel ...
what kind of brake fluid do i need after brake change?
1996 dodge caravan is not shifting
Where is this sensor located? I have the sensor, but I'm unable to locate it by tracing the wires. Cannot find a plug like the one on this sensor.
My abs light is staying on all the time, or every now and then will go out, but comes right back on. All the research i have done leads to the wheel speed sensors (corosion). Where are the sensors located and how ma...
I just had a new clutch installed in a 1993 Toyota Celica GT. I went to pick the vehicle up and the clutch pedal has less pressure than when I had a very old clutch. It is very odd to drive this way. You barely to...
what is the oil filter torque?
I was told i need to replace my timing cover gasket. They are asking for $650.00.Just wanted to see if this price is the going rate
changed plugs, wires and fuel filter and still no change .any help would be grateful . thanks
Recently my 2004 taurus is skipping and sputtering. I figure it has something to do with the fuel pump or filter. sometimes it drives somewhat fine but then it will just start skipping and sputtering, sometimes when ...
It was replaced on the other side.Same noise.