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No trouble codes,so it's mechanical, replaced spk plgs, wires, rotor and dist, fuel filter. Missfire still there. No arc of spark either.Sprayed carb cleaner around intake man. no change.....what next ?
how do you remove original ignition coil
When should I get a tune up for a 2007 Saturn Outlook, with 38000 miles?
can you use non porsche batteries in a 911 porsche
Ok so about 1 month ago I was driving on the freeway and as I broke to exit my car just cut off on me I could not restart it. I called a tow truck and had it towed back to my home. After the driver let the car down he...
Anyone ever experienced noticeable, but not violent engine vibration after starting their car after sitting for >24hrs? Mine has done this 3 or 4 times over the last 9 months, but I drive it every day. (It has 74,00...
how to realign well enought to drive to allignment shop after tie rods and ball joints are replaced?
how do i remove my rear brake drum? there is a leak and i need to remove it to see the leak.
need location of fuel filter to be replaced
I have replaced the timing chain,cap,rotor,plugs.plug wires,coil,had ecm checked,new fuel filter. reads multi engine misfire
The A/C turns on, but doesn't get cold.
I was driving home one day and the engine seemed to kind of lag a little bit, then it died completely. I couldn't get it to start at all for a while, but after pushing it off the road, I got it to start. When it would...
temp gauge does not work is this fused or is sensor bad and where is it