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Do these tensioners weaken with time, if not do the smaller serpentine belts stretch over time
how do i erase the engine to get the check engine light off
i have the following codes p1472 and p1425 have the code info but need to know what repair involves
the trunk release is not working via switch on drivers door or the key remote.
the car starts up every morning but if i make stops into a store if i shut the car off and take more then 10 minutes it wont start it sounds like it wants to start but just doesnt.And the a/c doesnt work alternator???
doggy engine performance when accelerating. High pitch "sucking" noise heard, then all of a sudden the "sucking" noise quits and the engine runs smoothly with lots of power and transmission down shifts into lower gear.
engine is hot indicator dos not recognised cooling fluid is normal
check engine light stays on all time after it was service
how much it will cost to have the rear door realigned
ac low side port. witch one is it.
How much will cost to fix rear differential seal
I went to auto zone a plugged my truck up to the computer and it said my #4 spark plug has a missfire. I then changed my spark plugs and I also changed the boot in the spark plug that had the missfire but the light tu...
I stopped in to refule the explorer w/ the engine running mind you and when i got into the truck i turned the engine off to reset the fuel milage on the trip computer but wheni went to start the truck allt he lights w...
i replace the power stering pump and the high presure hose and my car still have the grinder noise can you help me what can i do.