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How can you turn the engine light off.
I need to replace or repair my filler neck, because it rusted off at the top. My daughter went to put gas in my car. When she open to put gas in she saw the ground instead. So she ran the tank empty on her way home. ...
Car misses when pulling off, but smoothes out and drive smoothly after picking up spead.
I keep hearing a scraping sound coming from the right rear side of the car, gets louder when braking and/or turning corners or going over bumps. Would like to get an idea of what it could be before going to a repair ...
what does it cost to have the transmission fluid changed?
Has my cam worn out,making the lifters sing real loud,as if they are not oiling. The oil pump pressure appears find,but after driving for a few miles,the car begins to lose power. After the car cools down it will go o...
My ptc started to shimmy alot, i just had the rotors replaced, tires are only a year old,still good. Yesterday the malfunction light came on, i checked under the hood and the coolant was low, so i stopped and got th...
my car is not holding coolant and is smoking?
I went up on a curve last night and right front wheel is now angled and the ream is cracked and broken. How much is it to repair it?
I am trying to get a estimate but I can't find the fuel pressure regulator in the service i need, what do i do?
did the transmission have a label?
I replaced my shocks recently. All went well except the drivers side front. It never would fully tighten down on the rubber grommet at the top. I have the bottom bolts fully tightened. The top nut fully down on the up...
usually the Auto reverse gear turns off my car!
how do you turn iit of when their are no codes
how to turn off service engine soon light with no codes