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What are the causes for this light to come on? I had no throttle and then my throttle came back but the check engine light is still on
is there anyone that can please help with my 83 ford bronco 4x4, ok, heres whats going on,,AT time's starts but cuts off either at idle or when put in gear, THEN theres tines when there NO start at all,she cranks but ...
I did a tranny flush and after completing the flush it is stuck in 4th gear. Even after coming to a complete stop it takes off in 4th. I dont believe theres a kickdown cable. is it possible it may be my shift solen...
I was driving my truck today and got stuck on flat ground. Come to find out my 4-wheel drive doesn't work anymore, though it worked the other day. How, why, and how do I fix it are my questions. I live in Alaska and ...
location of water pump in a 4.6 v8
How do you remove the lens from the license plate light bulb to replace the bulb?
What is the OEM spec for auto trans fluid in the '03 Silverado SS, 6.0liter engine? Is it synthetic? Is it Dexron IV?
I can lock the door with the power lock but when I try to open it again using the power lock it refuses to open. What can I do to fix this?
location of horn fuse
after car warms up it seems to run a little rough and when you come up to a stop you have to keep your foot on the gas or it will die. It died the other day and would'nt start again,left it at store and went back abou...
my 2004 tahoe abs and engine light stay on and now my speed meter will not work correctly. When driving sometime the brakes will grab when coming to a stop or at a low speed and this happen very often.
After sitting 4 weeks my Camry required a jump to start. After letting it idle for a while I drove it about a mile and it died at a stop light and wouldn't restart. I couldn't deal with it at the time. A week late...
i want to know whats the problem with the a.c. that when its working in normal and i press the max button it still blow out the same as normal
Exhaust Leaking at rear where manifold meets exhaust pipe
I was getting the service stability system warning - got the car fixed and the warning is still coming on. Any idea what needs to be done.