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At what intervals I should replace it?
My Mazda used to get 24 mpg but now it only gets 19 mpg. Would the fuel filter be the problem even if it is running pretty good otherwise? If not the fuel filter, what could it be. I get my oil changed on a regular ...
We just need to know what size bolt, screw etc to buy to hold the engine in place and what model windsheild wiper motor to buy. Thank you!
would low fuel pressure gave misfire in number 1 cylinder the scan also said low or high pressure .injector fault vacum leak'.wires or coil just about to lose my mind fuel pump cost $600.00 dollars only can aford to c...
30,000 miles rough idle at 750 rpm,once at idle,the rpm's start to drop causing a rough idel.tune up about 2,000 mi.ago,new wires, air & fuel, filters all that good stuff
Sometimes when im driving my SUV and apply the breaks the break peddal vibrates bad, and wont compress to the floor the abs is going of as this happens and than the ABS and Traction control light comes on.
While driving in drive my car is not shifting out. It feels like it is in overdrive or in a low gear/
Problem occurrs every time - I have changed the spark plugs and it still happens
hard to shift car motor run up at red light and tries to take off when i try to kill car it wont let me whats the problem can you help please
Factory installed rear a/c & heater has just quit. Checked fuses and they are okay. Any ideas?
The clutch in my 2003 Cavalier is losing pressure. The clutch fluid has been bled several times and each time there is air in the hydraulic line but the fluid isn't leaking out. I'm told I need to replace the slave cy...
brakes got real hard to push, when I apply my brakes my idle speed increases, when I take my foot off the brakes the idle drops, sometimes so bad it stalls
I got a check engine light I had it checked at the local parts store. They told me that I have to replace the O2 sensor bank 1 how do I do that?
brakes got real hard to push, when I do push them my idle speed goes up, but when I take my foot off it some times want to and stalls
just bought this car. i was going 55 and it started shaking, like a stutter, while going uphill and a little after that. it didnt feel like the wheels, more like the engine, but i could be mistaken. the check engine l...