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The RPM's go up but the transmission wont down shift and the vehicle is slow to accellerate
my check engine came on
put a nwe clucth in my new 1997 jetta and now my gears are grinding and no reverse
steering is off and hearing lots of popping from driver side wheel
I will be converting my Range Rover from it's original air suspension to a more reliable and more cost efficient spring suspension and I would like to know what would be considered adequate labor costs for such a big ...
how to replace driver door mirror
I can not get the driver side door to open with or with the key. When I press the unlock button all other doors open but not the drivers, the button on the door does not go down, and you can hear the motor but nothing...
The lock on my 2000 Ford Focus Stationwagon doesn't lock any more, I went to a locksmith who told me it can't be repaied and needs to be replaced. How much would this cost? Thanks.
blower fan, signal lights and tail lights are not working. Trying to find an electrical diagram to help trace the problem. Can you help me find such a thing?
Transmission won't shift
The gas lines underneath of the back driverside door are all rusted,leaking,and cracking which gives me a huge gas leak. i would rather replace them with new than to keep fixing them temporarily. Help??please
Windshield wiper arm does not move seems just loose
repair shop put in a brand new alternator ( 3 year warranty ) that I purchased on feb. 5th. Today the battery light came on. The battery was brand new as well. Have I been scammed or could there be another problem?
What kind of speedometer does a 1994 grand marquis have, mechanical or electrical
Does the cooling tube on my blower motor serve a purpose? I am missing the tube and wonder if i'm doing any harm not having it.thanks in advance.