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I got a check engine light I had it checked at the local parts store. They told me that I have to replace the O2 sensor bank 1 how do I do that?
brakes got real hard to push, when I do push them my idle speed goes up, but when I take my foot off it some times want to and stalls
just bought this car. i was going 55 and it started shaking, like a stutter, while going uphill and a little after that. it didnt feel like the wheels, more like the engine, but i could be mistaken. the check engine l...
When at idle or stopped for a light, sometimes there is a fast three or four knocking sound from rear of car...maybe trunk area. What can cause that problem? Regards, Richard
how do i check and fill
how do I know if the slave cylinder is bad?
when i turn on my air conditioner or heater it only works when my control knob is turned to #4. If i turn it on lower than 4 it will not come on at all.
need a layout of vac lines for heater and air had engine replaced with rebuilt and air and heat have not work right since. need where they come from and go to.
i need to kno how to take the fan clutch off so i can get the fan off to change the water pump i have no clue how to remove it any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
front end shakes when hitting potholes and bumps in road
Tips on how to reolace a valve cover gasket
AC/Heater blower cuts out every once in awhile come back when ever it feels like it.
I own a 1996 Honda Accord LX and my car is loud especially when accelerating (a roaring sound). I have had my muffler replaced and had the wheel barring replaced on the right side but its still loud and very nerve wr...
all the coolant is in the overflow reservoir. is the problem the thermostat?
I replaced the turn signal and everything works but the turn signal. The hazard lights work but when I push the turn switch up or down the signal light not working could anybody tell me what can cause that to happen.