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I just got the waterpump and timing belt replace in my ls400. Upon trying to start it, It won't turn over. It sounds like there is no gas in the car. What could be the problem and how can I remedy this.
the shop said i needed to replace the shift control selenoid. how much will this cost
Due to the heavy rain my front wheels on the above auto rusted.....What can I used to get rid of the rust without destroying the finish?
my little brother asked me to do some research for him, he has a 1991 ford explorer that has a couple of problems, 1: the reverse lights turn on when the breaks are applied and 2: it starts when key is on the "on" pos...
Ive replaced the brake switch all wiring all bulbs both grounds the light sockets all get power and the turn signals and reverse lights work but just not the brakes
pitman arm
hose for the moon roof drain has come disconnected how to fix, how to get to hose to reattach it.
I just purchase the vehicle less than a week ago. The engine light came on Monday and I took the vehicle back to the dealer on Monday. The vehicle was checked, stating they could not find a problem. The engine ligh...
what is the average price for this part
Ok. So i purchase my Taurus last year and now i'm starting to kind of regret it. The car needs major work like: blown head gasket, new axeles, new brakes/ rotors, and the gas and temp. sensor inside the car need to be...
I try to inspect the car after 7 weeks of service but inspction center wants to know the drive cycle. I was rejected.
my driver side rear window was just busted out today! does anyone have a spare or replacement?
My 97' blazer seems to shift hard when it gets warmed up...going from 1st to second makes a clunk noise and shifts hard and from 2nd to third is mild. If i shut the vehicle off and let it cool it stops unless you driv...
XM and FM volume levels are equal. When AM is selected the volume is about 1/2 and not clear
how do u remove calaper brace so rotors can be replaced