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the temp gauge does not work
Had Transmission Hose fixed and the car smells like burning rubber and I also smell gas inside and outside car what should I do and is it dangerious to drive?
when you change the oil should u have to change the oil plug every time. when i had the oil changed at the oil change place they said you have to change the plug every time because of the alumium oil pan
if the alt. belt breaks and just curious do you need to reline the timing,just wondering about the bending valves,never worked on one,neigbors car
i recently changed head gaskets in my car but now it wont syart, cranks fine but no spark, i only have voltage at coils when key is first turned on then no power unless cranking any ideas?
Hello, My turn signals all of a sudden stopped responding when I press the arm by the steering wheel up or down. I checked all the fuses and relays and still nothing this is weird, Please Help!!! :(
How much does it cost to replace the heater core on a 1996 cadillac sts
need to know where the crankshaft senor is on a 2002 chevy trailblazer
I need to reset the fuel pump and i don't know how or even see this switch, help me find it. Thank You
what is the specs. pressure from fuel electric pump
if the oil pressure gets too low, does the engine shut down ? I had the oil changed at a quick lube place. About 10 min after I left the engine shut off at a stop light. I started it up again to get through the inte...
AC is not very cool on driver side, but cool on passenger side. Dealer added freon previously and it improved, but is happening again. Why would this happen?
Web site won't list engine size for estimate
The dash light for "door open" as well as the interior lights flicker constantly. Also the door locks and unlocks on its own at times. I also have an issue with it not wanting to start at times. It will start just fin...