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my check engine light stays on the only monitor that is coming up is the evap system. I have had it to the garage and had the evap system checked and there is no leaks. I had the valve changed and everything. I cant g...
When the vehicle is in gear it lopes and misses out.
how much would it cost to fix a P0430 code to pass emissions?
The gas gauge needle has gone past full, all the way around and now sets below the pin the indicates "empty". This happened when I changed the battery. How do I get the needle back around to the proper area so it rea...
Replace water pump, remove fan
When I turn my A/C on the air compressor turns on for 2 secs then turns off for 2 secs and continues to do this normal? If not what could be wrong?
24 year old female here with little money so I need to find out whats wrong so I can fix my car. My fan never comes on even when I turn the A/C on, however when I do turn the A/C on my temperture climbs up faster but ...
what am I going to run into, how much diff in a belt then the old chains, alignment or anything else thanks Doug
I have to replace coolant overflow reservoir but dealer says $31.47 part or parts store has $15 for universal. Should I try my luck on universal & do myself or suck it up and pay dealer price & shop labor? Is this ha...
how do i check auto transmission fluid level
Hello, I am having problems with my van. I am having a difficult time when starting my van.Tried using fuel injector fluid, but it does not work.
also how much to replace all ball joints
what causes the hissing noise when I remove my gas cap and why does my car run better after I do this
how do i replace the motormount on passenger side and how hard would it be to change the timing belt while im at it?
Just found out when I put the Heater on, the blower works fine but NO HEAT. What should i look at? "Where is the CORE located?"