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what causes the hissing noise when I remove my gas cap and why does my car run better after I do this
how do i replace the motormount on passenger side and how hard would it be to change the timing belt while im at it?
Just found out when I put the Heater on, the blower works fine but NO HEAT. What should i look at? "Where is the CORE located?"
will go down but not up
at highway speeds getting asnapping noise from somewhere mirrors ar dash
My car wont start when I turn the key. My lights come on and everything. I recently (a few months ago)got a new alternator and battery. I tried to jump it but that wouldnt work. It doesnt make any sounds clicking or a...
steering wheel sticks and ignition key will not turn after th car has been parked.
info, pictures, tools required to install brakes & rotors
My 93 Trooper has 193k miles (standard transmission) and recently developed a growl underneath, especially under a load on deceleration. I believe the rear differential is leaking and needs some repair/replacement. Tw...
why the over drive off start flashing when Im driving
The gear shift is stuck in park. I start the car and press the brake, when i try to move the gear it doesn't move. I also notice the brake lights are not coming on. Any ideas?
I started my car yesterday and a cloud of white smoke came out from under it. This has never happened before. The car seems fine otherwise, and the check engine light is on.The car has 150K miles on it and I just boug...
I had my car serviced for an oil leak 3 days ago and my oil filter housing adapter gasket was replaced. It fixed the leak and drove fine for 3 days. I started it this morning and the Emission control light was on. ...
my truck starts but will not stay on and the engine light is on. I need help asap.