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How long does it take to replace the throttle body on my 04 Focus Svt? Also could you tell me what tools are needed and estimate on how long it should take?
not sure if window fell off track or the assembly needs replacing. Cant get the inside door facing off. Only one screw is visible and im afraid to "pop" it off. Not sure if its attached by latches of some sort or n...
need elect diagram from the batt to alt to the starter and fuseable links
we replaced the alt. and the batt. is good but when we turn the key it won't crank over and the lights dime
I was told if the check engine light came on and it was because of the gas cap, that the light would go off after some recycle. Is this true? How long or how many miles does this take?
where is the pcv valve located on my 91 toy pick up 3.0L V6
I have fixed oil leaks, only a small one now:)but my oil pressure gauge seems to drop only when i stop to the red line. checked it, oil level is fine
I am thinking about purchasing this type of car. the owner says it missing a "pin" to keep the water and oil from mixing. Of course i am going to get it checked out before I buy it but is it an expensive thing to fix?
A year ago, I had a used engine replacement, new thermostat and all parts, from intake manifold and all needed headgasket replacement. Now, my car is running hot once again. Some guys that stopped to help me said that...
My right side highbeam has suddenly stopped working. I replaced the bulb and checked the fuse, still nothing. I also checked for loose wires.
I just replaced my valve cover gaskets with tire plus and there is steam coming out of my car. Now a friend says there is no oil in my car and if I drive it the car engine will detriate. he says even driving it for fi...
door ajar on from time to time when doors all closed check engine soon light on randomly engine behave weak occasionally fuel filter already replaced
What is total cost to replace a water pump on a 2000 dodge caravan, including installation?