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the serv tire pressure mont keeps coming on? whats the fix?
where is the fuel pump relay located can't find it under the hood
where is my fuel pump relay located at
Sun Roof does not close fully. Motor works Is there a track type system that needs to be aligned? If so, how? Will the track type system realign itself by running motor but manually prevent forward movement.
I replaced my Transmission & now my truck will not start how do i know if crank sensor is hook back up right ? or if crank sensor is bad !!!!!!!
How can i fix the transmission shifting hard?
Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on a 2001 Toyota Celica 1.8L4 cylinder
traction control light came on v6 monte carlo doesnt make any sounds or grab what could cause this please
I was told by mechanic that coolant leak was from timing chain cover. The gasket was replaced but I still have a small leak. could this be from waterpump.
My Hold lach is stuck in the Unlached postion. It is when you pull the swicth in the car and the hood pops and before you pull the switch under the hood. The hood will not go up or down and I can't get the hood up o...
when do i change it,(belt is jumping off)
What is average cost to fix the leak of my refigerent for the Air Conditioner?
how do you change the darn dash lights , or does one have to remove the entire dash to do so?
van rattles when brakes are applied
my car ran fine yesterday, today i went to start it and it just keeps trying to turn over. it has gas, the battery is fine, everything but, it just wont start. if i hold the key on long enough, i start to smell gas,an...