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I need to replace the leaking heater coro in my 96 audi A6 please help,thanks.
my temperture gage will not work in my e150 van stays in cold postion does not run hot.
how do I reset break wear light on console breaks and sensors have been changed
What is approximate cost to repalace a right rear wheel bearing?
I just replaced my transmition and the overdaft is not working what could be the problem
how do i fix the park indicator and it is always in park?
How do you turn the chime off for the parking brake?
When I step on my accelerator i have to pat on it about 3 to 4 times , and then it will start to run just fine.
how much does it cost to fix a leaking transfer case
every morning when i start my car a cloud of white smoke blows out.and when warmed up goes away.also, what is the rite tire pressure,front and rear.
Hi, I just recently purchased a 1998 Ford Ranger and need to replace the engine. It currently has a 3.0L V6 Engine in it and want to replace it with a 1998 Ford Tauraus 3.0L V6 24V Engine. Will it work?
My wife drives a 99 sunfire that totaly destroyed the bearings on the stationary idler pully. When I purchased a new pulley and tried to install it I noticed that there is almost a 1/8" gap between the bolt and the b...
I can get heat and ac from the defrost and floor vent setting but nothing from the vent on the dash. I have replaced the switch twice but it still doesn not work.
After replacing the radiator, the cooling fan won't turn on unless the air condition is running, what is the problem, or what switch could be the problem?
My car sometimes stall when idling.At times on first start up you have to slightly hold the gas pedal down, Also it surgel slightly