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after car sits for many hours, unlocked (like in garage), the interior lights do not come on when door is opened. They only come on after car is started or you hit the open locks on the key FOB. And this also starts t...
My vehicle rear suspension pumps up 1 inch. Is the remaining suspension supported by air also? What happens if the 1 inch bag breaks.
throttle sticks a little bit only wen first taking off, hard to push at first then fine
happens every time i drive it i believe it has bent front drive axle
its like a bent something in front my guess has been maybe front shaft to wheel bent
can not take the right side cv joint off i try evrything and it won't come off i need to replace it
Is this a difficult task that requires going to a mechanic or can it be done at home in my driveway.
I am not getting any power to the # 20 fuse that gives power from the battery to the interior lights and the radio to keep the presets and the clock All other fuses work Is there an inline fuse and were should I lo...
My car clicks turning left or right, especially tight turns. I was told that I need to replace both front axles, in fact, they were dangerous! I don't hear or feel any grinding or weirdness when I turn, is this mechan...
I am having a problem with the oil light flashing whne I come to a stop. This happens after I have driven the car about 15-20 miles. If you rev the ingine a little, it goes out and stays out unless the tach drops ba...
the serv tire pressure mont keeps coming on? whats the fix?
where is the fuel pump relay located can't find it under the hood
where is my fuel pump relay located at
Sun Roof does not close fully. Motor works Is there a track type system that needs to be aligned? If so, how? Will the track type system realign itself by running motor but manually prevent forward movement.
I replaced my Transmission & now my truck will not start how do i know if crank sensor is hook back up right ? or if crank sensor is bad !!!!!!!