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how do you replace the power steering pump and pulley/
try starting it acts like flooded it will start for about n10 secs, then die this started after overheating prob, no probs before this happend
how do you unstuck a toyota camrys washer sprayers?
Yes, Hi, I have a 1998 Grand Am with the 3.1L well it is throwing a couple codes ones that i know have no bearing on it not starting. But it is throwing the P0440 it was running real rough before i parked it, i sat fo...
I have a 1997 mercedes c230. The problem is that sometimes the guages (ie fuel, speedometer, and temperature) don't work. For example when it's cold whether the guages work but when hot it does not.The milege still wo...
car stalls when stops or slow down for a turn
is it hard to rebuild a altanator for 1997 ford aerostar
I have a 1999 Mercury Villager. Car had been running a little rough at idle for quite a while. Months. Not to bad, then once going - no problem. Then quickly it would start running rough at any speed, then rou...
Do you have a preference - have the head gasket replaced at a dealer, or a neighborhood shop? The neibrohood shop wants 1800 for both sides and a week, the dealers in MKE want 1700-2200 and two days, and a CHI dealer ...
Hi! I have recently purchased a bmw 318i and i have only one key and this does not lock doors or boot.
the right door control for adjusiting the chair,heat and the rear view mirror stop working
my 94 325i convertible wont start,went to start it and does nothing not even a click,it powers up but doent do anything.Any suggestions?how do i replace the starter?
Engine Hot - AC Off
i have changed out everything on this truck but the tps sensor and the map sensor.. and am still getting the p0300 code for random miss fire code.. i erase the code and start the truck first thing in the morning when ...